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Tairn » 1533.1.11 to 1533.2.3 - Training, Malperder loses his sight, and a Formorian is felled

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October 2023
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1533.1.11 to 1533.2.3 - Training, Malperder loses his sight, and a Formorian is felled

Play date: 6/2/09
Keddick converses with Attalus:
“Attalus, I’ll go over our findings in a minute. There is something else that I have not had a chance to discuss with you. A friend of Malperder was killed some time ago and my friends and I have been investigating for some time. We have a suspect, but we can prove nothing right now. (I’ll go into more detail as required). I do not mean to do anything blatant, but I would appreciate if you were able to provide us with some cover for our investigation if we transgress the law in our investigation -Perhaps you could see to our secret deputization. I believe there is either enchantment or  necromantic involvement. I hope you know that you can rely on me to be restrained.”
“Necromancy?  Most disturbing. Give me more details of the situation. I don’t have any powers to give you special authority, but I have the ear of the King. He can certainly authorize such investigation if He believes it warranted. What sort of transgressions are you considering? The King’s Law demands you bring the perpetrator to justice. You cannot murder. You understand that? It would not be tolerated. You are some of your associates have certainly caught the attention of King William. Being persons of some notoriety, your actions may be scrutinized harder than the average citizen were you to cause mayhem within the town borders. I urge you to be careful for your sake, the Guild’s sake, and the sake of your family. Would you personally vouch for the actions of these other men?”Thank you, Attalus, I wanted to make sure that you would not be surprised by any reports, we are not planning any mayhem at this time - we are not sure of the situation. In investigating the matter, I scried Ithran and observed her sitting motionless starting out of a window beside a clearly dead body. If we could have worked out where she was, we would likely have broken and entered the premises, and it would be difficult in such circumstances to explain our actions to the authorities. I would look for your intercession in such an instance… The reason I suspect magical trickery, is that Ithran at a later stage accosted one of our party and apparently was most disturbed that she was been stalked. Given what I had seen through magiks that makes me think that there is a possibility that she is not entirely under her own control. More likely Enchantment perhaps, but I can’t ignore the fact that we have encountered aggressive Necromancy lately. To sum up - we will be careful, and I vouch that my companions are well intentioned, but I can’t be sure we’ll be able to stick to the letter of the law if we are to solve this crime.A word of caution  young Tzabel. If you have sufficient evidence, find the town guard and have them go with you. I believe the King would be hard pressed to grant you a free hand to break into people’s homes based on your visions. Of course, were you to catch this woman next to the dead body, that might be another story. I fail to see your reasoning for enchantment or necromancy though. She accosted one of you and that leads you to believe she is in some way under the will of another? Might someone not say the same of you if you accost her? Be careful. Thank you for your advice, Attalus.  My lack of clarity is due to the many missing pieces in the puzzle that this sets for us - I will consider your words carefully before taking any action.

Now as for the previous question, our investigation was most interesting. I would be very interested in accompanying you back to the tomb or in following your advice in further investigation, I believe that it is sufficiently interesting for you to become involved, and also that I and my companions can be of assistance. We entered the cave and found a door…. (Keddick will supply an accurate picture of the entrances and the forbidding, and the actions taken to try to gain entry. My description of the combat though will be restricted to “she easily vanquished me with slashes from her rapier” and I’ll continue with waking up with my companions.

Malperder gives a report to Thorgar:

Great Thorgar,

Four days ago, my cousin Banic and I were asked by King William to lead our comrades Keddick, Varende, Jack, and Serk in a expedition to the lands of Lord Plythe, not too far to the north. Apparently some strange creatures had been stealing livestock and killing anyone who tried to stop them. When we arrived Lord Plythe’s land we were told that a scout would guide us to the cave where the creatures dwelled. 

Once we got close to the cave we noticed the strong stench of decay and corruption; Those creatures, whatever they were, lived among their own filth and the rotten remains of their prey!  We quickly entered the cave and were attacked by the filthy little creatures. Despite their size they possessed enormous strength. And their claws were sharp as a blade. To my great surprise, Giant Bane reacted to these creatures just as if they were giants, and after the fight started I couldn’t help but notice that the way they fought was very similar to  the way trolls fight. Banic noticed that too. We also noticed that, like trolls, these creatures seemed to have some regenerative abilities. However they ended up being no match to the strength of Giant Bane and the power of Moradin. Fortunately, their regeneration was not as strong as that of trolls, and we didn’t have to burn their bodies once we killed them.

I really don’t know what to think of these monsters. They looked and behaved like beasts; they were naked and carried no weapons, other than their claws and teeth. They were, however, smart enough to try to ambush us as we entered the cave. Their naked body was completely androgynous and Banic detected that they were somewhat resistant to magic. That to me indicates some magical origin. I have never heard of anything related to trolls that fits this description. I wonder if whatever evil is bringing the giants to these lands is somehow creating new kinds of abominations.

One thing I believe. This is just the beginning of something bigger. This has been the first battle in the upcoming war, and the war is going to end the same way that this battle did.

Malperder Malahostia, son of Malrollo.

1533.1.11 – Varende returns home to a note from the Watch
Varende finds a note on his door when he returns home asking him to see the guard. He speaks with them on the 12th and learns that Thomas the Merchant, his neighbor across the street on Talon Street was found murdered on the morning of the 7th (the day you all left for the north). He is able to ally their suspicions of his own involvement since he disappeared for four days after they confirm he was on the King’s Business.  He learns the merchant was stabbed to death and his house war burgled.

1533.1.11 – Training and business around town

1533.2.1 – Rumors surface about the snows in Caertan – an unprecedented amount of snow in blizzard like fashion has fallen on the town. It started on the 11th and abated for a short while the next day before starting again. The companions send messages to each other and agree to meet at The Long Road on the outskirts of Thistledown the next day for lunch.
1533.2.2 – Lunch at The Long Road – I’m Blind!
The dwarves, Varende and Jack sit down at a table, order drinks and food, and discuss the snows in Caertan and the death of Thomas the Merchant. Keddick is running late. Varende notices a tall woman in a chain shirt pass behind Malperder’s chair heading for the door. Just then Malperder’s vision goes cloudy and he shouts “I’m blind!” Varende shouts “Stop that woman and gives chase to the door.” Banic heals Malperder’s blindness and soon everyone has surrounded the woman outside. Varende noted her casting Sanctuary and Shield of Faith. He threatens her with his sword if she tries to leave. She calls for the town guard. She is soon surrounded and people accuse her of blinding Malperder. Jack is certain she is lying when she says she did nothing, but her divine casting abilities are apparent. A small crowd gathers and two city watchmen arrive from the nearby gate. They speak to everyone but seem skeptical of Malperder’s “She blinded me, but my cousin healed me.” and the remainder of the group’s protests that she must have blinded him because she was nearby when he supposedly lost his vision. The guard smells Malperder’s breath and asks if he has been drinking. Varende notes a symbol on the woman’s chest on a chain. It is a outline square of metal with small chain links running from the center of each side to a central ring of metal. He doesn’t recognize the symbol (and is sure it is not the triangle, circle and quarterstaff symbol of Andreja). The guard release the woman. She turns towards Jack and smirks as she leaves down the avenue. Everyone goes back inside. Keddick arrives about 20 minutes later.

Discussions ensue of the snows. Serk has not come to lunch, but people have seen him around the past couple of days.

The beer flows free and then a plaintive call for “Help! Help! Help!” shatters the silence. As everyone piles outside to see what is causing the disturbance, two watchmen are approaching from the gate. A boy of 15 is huffing and puffing from a long run. He gasps out that a giant is at his parents’ farm. Varende asks if he can lead them there and how far it is. He says yes and that it is just a mile or two north of here. Malperder asks a guard to alert Thorgar. The other guard is coming with the group headed north. The seven people set off north at a quick pace. The boy runs ahead and turns impatiently waiting for the dwarves. “This way my lords. Please hurry.” After a bit over half an hour of hustling, the group approaches a farmhouse. Varende hears something from the other side of the house and sees the end of a large club being lifted. Jack hears something as well and reacts quickly to the sight of a misshapen head poking above the farmhouse.  Varende moves right as Jack moves left. The guard moves up to the back of the house prepared to cut the thing with his sword if it comes past the house. The boy runs to the back of the house as well, but the opposite corner near the stone chimney. Jack asks where the cellar entrance is. Keddicks hastes all but Varende and tells the dwarves he will teleport them in close. The huge misshapen creature lumbers around the house, and the guard attacks. The giant slams his club into him smashing him into the side of the house. Banic reacts with Close Wounds most likely saving the man’s life. Banic tosses off a sound lance and then Keddick moves them in as Varende fires an arrow. Battle ensues. Keddick gets walloped as he moves away from the giant after placing the dwarves where they will do lots of harm. He then uses a fireball and magic missile as everyone else surrounds the creature.  The creature can be seen healing, and its’ tough hide absorbs some of the power of the blows against it (damage reduction). Malperder is reduced to a bloody pulp and Banic saves him. Varende slides his sword into a vital spot crippling the creature. Malperder, desperate but unwilling to yield, slashes three more times with his axe to fell the giant. It topples towards Banic and falls dead on the ground. Banic heals his cousin and then the watchman. He eventually heals Keddick as well who is sorely wounded. Varende and the boy pound on the cellar door and a woman and her husband emerge. They thank Jack and Varende profusely. The woman clouts her son on the back of the head callinghim a fool for running off. Someone suggests they come to town until it is certain another of the beasts is not around. They resist, but Jack charms them and offers them two crowns to stay at an Inn. Keddick remarks that the whole countryside cannot move into the fortified town. The path headed off north of the giant is obvious. Everyone returns to town. No contingent of angry, battle-hardened dwarves is evident. Malperder  is bewildered. He sends a runner to take a written message to Thorgar. Eventually, a dwarf returns and speaks with Malperder saying he should come to see Thorgar. Jack explains that perhaps Thorgar is too important to jump to the beck and call of Malperder’s summons. Malperder seems bewildered. Everyone walks back out to the farm to see if they can follow the trail in the moonlight. The moon is nearly full and waning. Jack does well at following the obvious tracks for a couple of miles. Everyone decides to head home. Varende strikes off south towards Thistledown while the other four follow Jack’s “shortcut” to Lysoria to speak with Thorgar. Eventually, Banic says he thinks they are lost. Keddick teleports the four of them to his room in The Lucky Silver. Keddick stays at his Inn and the other three head off to see Thorgar. They go out to the camp north of Lysoria and admitted to speak to Thorgar. The camp is being broken and the guard they speak to says they are being moved to the palace grounds to better guard King William. Upon being admitted to see Thorgar, Malperder tells what he can of the giant. Thorgar reports it is a Formorian, a race of huge giants that tend to live in groups no larger than five and often singularly.  He says they are moving closer to King William. Malperder et al return to The Long Road and sleep. Keddick attempts to scry Ithran, but she resists.

Varende spends the morning talking to neighbors about Thomas. He eventually concludes that perhaps Thomas was killed by Ithran. Keddick scryed on her at 4pm on the 6th and Thomas was found dead the next day. He goes to the Long Road to find everyone else at a table around 11 bells. Meanwhile Keddick goes to the Dwarven Camp and finds a trampled waste where it was. He returns to the Lysorian Gate and discovers they moved to the palace. He goes to the palace gate and asks to be admitted dropping Thorgar and Attalus’ names. The guard sends a message for Keddick and tells Keddick he can wait in the park.  Keddick waits in the park and eventually is rewarded with a terse message that does not satisfy him regarding Thorgar’s spare time for him. He heads to the Long Road to beat Varende there by a short while. After some discussion, Varende arrives, all dine as they will, and it is decided to try to track the giant without any tracking ability. Malperder asks the gate guard if a contingent of men as gone to deal with the giant. He says he knows Clay, the guard that went with them, and that he is sure that the watch will take care of it. He doesn’t know if anyone would be at the farmstead.
Everyone tramps out to the farmstead and finds the giant turned on to its back, but nothing else is disturbed. Varende unlocks the poor lock on the front door to discover no one within. He re-locks the door. Jack leads them north along the giant’s trail, but he eventually looses it as time allows the overt signs of passage to disappear. Everyone returns to Thistledown. Keddick decides to teleport to Caertan after leaving his fellows. He appears in the courtyard in front of The Welcome Guest standing in a foot of snow. Snow falls heavily out of the sky and he is immediately cold. He casts Endure Elements on himself to ward off the chill and moves towards the inns front door…

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