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Tairn » Guardian of the Temple of the Old Gods — News from Caertan: Snows!

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October 2023
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Guardian of the Temple of the Old Gods — News from Caertan: Snows!

Play date: 5/26/2009

1533.1.9 - The Round Room - Guardian of the Temple of the Old Gods?
Keddick realizes he has no idea what spell was taking effect on him and presumably Malperder. After some deliberation and searching of the room, Malperder takes crowbar in hand and tries to pry at the base of the bier. He slumps to the floor seemingly dead. Varende drags his body away from the bier. Banic pronounces him dead, and Varende reluctantly agrees. After about 60 seconds, Malperder gasps and starts breathing normally again, but he seems to be in a coma of some sort. Everyone decides to rest in a rope trick. Keddick tosses the rope in the air as he speaks the words of power. The rope falls back to the floor; the spell failed. Everyone beds down on the floor for an uncomfortable night taking watches over Malperder and the group in turn.

After the best estimation of a full day of boredom and restlessness, Keddick attempts to study spells as Banic prays to Moradin. Malperder is still unconscious. Keddick attempts an area dispel magic on the bier three times. He feels one spell fall under his onslaught. With no additional spells, there is talk of burrowing beneath the bier. Banic stone shapes a hole into the floor the size of a mouse. It goes down at an angle through a foot of stone but stops at a dirt bed. He uses another stone shape to open the whole larger. Keddick becomes a dire badger and tunnels into the ground. His body is wracked with pain as he starts leaving the forbiddance, but he continues on. He tunnels up under the bier, but resists a pull on his mind. He comes back and waits as a badger hoping to be healed. Banic heals him with a ranged spell and Keddick is hurt again quite badly by the forbiddance. Banic heals him more.  As discussion ensues, Malperder awakes. He still feels bad, but he is functional (he has a negative level). He tells his story:
“I appeared in a gray landscape surrounded by a gray mist. The woman from the bier stood before me. She asked why I was seeking entrance to the Temple of the Old Gods. I said giants were coming and we needed help. She said if I bested her she would stand aside. It was obvious from the beginning of the combat that she was not trying to hit me in earnest using her blade to turn aside my blows. Giant-Bane struck true though and I opened a terrible wound in her side. She started fighting in earnest and as she cut me multiple times, I landed a few more blows. At the end, she knocked me unconscious and I awoke here.”
Keddick and Jack decide to try to talk to her. They touch the bier at the same moment (nearly so) and both slump to the floor seemingly dead. First Jack and then Keddick gasp for breath but are unconscious. After discussion, everyone wants to leave. With Moradin’s healing, everyone leaves the Forbiddance and crosses the plane of fire with no incident. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, a howling wind can be heard above. Varende slips up the stairs to discover a wind rushing from the doors towards him. He moves back down. Eventually Malperder discovers that the wind rushes back along the walls in the enclosed chamber and he can creep along the wall. He and Banic move back to the still open door with four rods in hand. The close the double doors and then re-open them with the rods suppressing the wind. Everyone gets out. Fouls smells abound, but everyone is equal to getting out of the cave. The bodies of the “trolls” or “giants” are gone. Serk leads everyone back to Plythe’s Border Keep. The heads of the creatures are on pikes at the entrance. The smell of decay is thick in the air. A chatelaine welcomes everyone, takes charge of the two unconscious men, and offers baths for all else. Eventually the group is reunited in a chamber with Lord Plythe. Lord Plythe thanks them, relays that Andrew returned with men to get the bodies, and found the door open and a rushing wind within. He chose not to investigate. He waited throughout the day for your return, but eventually left to return home by nightfall. Malperder tells a little of what was found beyond the door, but leaves the details sketchy. Plythe thanks everyone for taking care of the evil creatures and offers hospitality for as long as they need it. He also offers to send for a healer. Malperder says his cousin is a healer, but they expect the men to be better by tomorrow.

Keddick and Jack awake (each has a negative level) and the group decides to return south to Lake Catherine. Keddick and Jack relay stories similar to Malperder’s story: they both met the “guardian” of the bier who offered entrance to the Temple of the Old Gods if they could best her. Jack fought briefly before tumbling into the gray mist and falling unconscious. Keddick was less forthcoming about his time with the woman but reveals she was not interested in talking. They bid Lord Plythe farewell. He offers his hospitality if they ever have need of it, and suggests his scout can lead them to the river. He gives a writ that he says to give to the captain of one of his boats at the docks. He also says to see his steward on the way out for a small reward. The steward turns over a coffer of one thousand crowns. The trip to the river is uneventful, and the trip to Lake Catherine is swift. By nightfall, the dwarves are headed to see Thorgar to report their findings of the giant-kin and Keddick is meeting with Attalus to report the death of the creatures to the King. Attalus is already aware of the success and asks about the door and wind.

1533.1.12 to 1533.2.2 - Time passes quickly as people train and take care of minor business via e-mail

1533.2.2 - News from Caertan - Rumors in the Taproom
The town of Caertan has fallen on hard times. While snow there is not unknown, on 1533.1.11, the town was hit by a terrible blizzard that lasted from dusk until nearly noon the next day. Snow and ice covered the streets and all hid within their homes waiting out the storm. But even as the storm abated, another one began just past dusk again piling more snow and ice on the frozen town. The snow has continued unabated with only brief respites.

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