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Tairn » Back to Lysoria, Dapa, Kordis Raised

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December 2023
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Back to Lysoria, Dapa, Kordis Raised

- Everyone spends the night

- Amelanril leads to plains
- Keddick creates phantom horses for Jack and Varende
- B/c Kordis is shrunk, plans change and Jack will wait and go with Amelanril the next morning with Dispel Magic cast into Songweaver
- Travel to The Growling Bear
- Early night for all but the elves – Amelanril sings the tale of the Dragon slaying in the inn below and eventually at The Pokey Puppy
He tells of “Brens the Defender” who fought the dragon single-handedly making it flee into the mountains
He tells of the slaying of the beast and includes a graphic description of the battle
He leaves out Kordis’ death, mention of his Clarisian background, etc
Makes everyone look good
Everyone is disturbed by the applause in the room below as the tale is told

- Amelanril and Jack head to the Four Cities on phantom horses with Kordis’ body planning to arrive before Dapa
- Varende and the Dwarves leave by boat
- Keddick rides a phantom horse to the hamlet of Erin’s Creek and asks about a cart. He gives a man there who is the only one in the hamlet a draft from the healing flask from Dareth Coul and bids him take him to the orchard to meet the hamlet leaders. He does so. The hamlet leaders say they only have one cart left which they need for the harvest. They are happy the beast is dead, but unwilling to starve so Keddick can show the head around. Keddick hasn’t prepared shrink, so he doesn’t show off the head.
- Keddick goes to Prend’s estate, unshrinks the dragon in the house (some breach of etiquette here), and tells of its destruction. Brens still waits in the fields.
- Brens returns at 9pm and Keddick tells him the dragon is dead. Brens goes to Prend and demands payment. Prend asks Keddick to leave. Keddick learns that Brens will take the head and Keddick is to tell Brens where the dragon’s lair is as best he can. The body is to be Brens’ as well. Prend does tell Keddick he negotiated for a small part of the payment to go to the group.

- Keddick speaks to Brens and then rides to Lysoria
- He arrives late; he sees Amelanril at the Bell & Cup and hears the dragon tale sung and is heralded as a hero to great applause
- He sleeps at The Lucky Silver

- The dwarves and Varende arrive near supper time and find The Terrace closed. They find no sign of Jack or Kordis. Eventually they learn Jack stands vigil with Kordis’ body through Dapa.
- They all hear the dragon slaying tale from Amelanril, Cora or Corin at one time or another.
- Varende discovers taxes have doubled as does Keddick with an increased room rate of  16%

During Dapa, Keddick studies and everyone trains. The dwarves learn the Dwarven army of 250 has come and is camped outside Lysoria. They go and meet with Thorgar (from the hobgoblin adventure) who is in charge. They train and stay with the dwarves. Malperder and Banic both speak to an assembly of the dwarves and show Giant Bane, but their speech is less than rousing.

Fortifications are being planned around the cities. Wood is coming from the forest to the south. Keddick surmises the Hannon family will be making a lot of money.
Princess Meaghan joins the The Temple of Andreja
Treasure is evaluated.
The Tower is gone, but The Dome is still there
Keddick goes into the Dome and gets the ring and wands identified and appraised.
Everyone, including Jack and Kordis meet up at The Long Road around 6pm.

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