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Tairn » Dragons Slain - Does anyone smell barbeque?

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December 2023
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Dragons Slain - Does anyone smell barbeque?

1532.8.16 - an hour before noon
Varende moves into the cave quietly and sees a humongous bear sleeping quietly with snuffs and snores. Jack sees the bear as well and motions for people to come in as Keddick passes him headed into a crevice at the back of the cave. Varende advises the group. Amelanril sneaks by the bear while Varende and the dwarves surround the slumbering ursine. Varende slashes the beast killing it instantly as Malperder’s axe falls on its neck. Keddick has gone exploring on his own. Keddick winds through a tight narrow tunnel deep into the mountain. He arrives at a large cavern and spots a red wyrmling moving towards him from by a pool of water. He dimension doors back to a place in the cave near the bear’s cave. Everyone else has passed this point following him with Jack in the lead. Jack hears something uphead in the darkness and a wyrmling comes running at him. A brief bout with the wyrmling and the party moves on. Keddick has now caught up with everyone. Once in the large cavern, Varende moves across towards a large dragon skeleton. Another wyrmling reveals itself from behind the skeleton and chases Varende who tumbles away. It screeches loudly in pain but is soon dead. Amelanril moves to the skeleton and tries to remove Thasti-Kes from its breastbone, but it is too deeply stuck. Mal lends a hand as Kordis watches down an eight foot wide passage leading down and out of the cavern. He soon hears something coming soft and quiet and sees a huge wyrm coming at him. Amelanril yells for Varende to take Thasti-Kes. Varende and Banic move up to strike at the creature but it pushes past them into the room. Kordis throws two orbs of freezing cold at the beast hurting it badly. Malperder and Jack both stab it and Keddick unleashes his final magic missile. The dragon breathes a huge gout of flame that Varende deftly dodges. Malperder and Kordis are not so lucky. Kordis falls dead in the tight entry passage to the bear’s cave. Varende drives Thasti-Kes into the beast as Jack stabs it from the other side. The life floods out of the great wyrm. Varende creeps down the passage invisible and with darkvision. He reaches another cavern and sees two more wyrmlings standing close together. He moves in for a better look, and they notice him. He flees and they give chase. Back in the main room, one falls quickly, and the other nearly dead flies through a large hold in the cavern ceiling. Keddick searches the room for auras and finds a moderate aura in the water ten feet down. He strips down to his clothing alone and dives in with a rope attached. He comes up from the freezing cold water with a large chuck of ice with a ring within it. Banic smashes much of the ice away, and eventually Keddick wraps it in Kordis’ blanket and puts it away. Everyone rests in the room and talks. Jack picks up some coin from the floor. About forty pounds worth, but the majority is copper outweighing the silver two to one with less than one hundred crowns mixed in. Keddick casts a rope trick, and an uneventful night passes.

Refreshed, everyone moves down the passage to the chamber below. Three largish red objects are smashed by Malperder. Good riddance baby dragons! Keddick was inclined to keep one but talked out of it. A hoard of coins covers the floor in another chamber. A potion, two wands, and a scrollcase are found amongst the pile. A long discussion about how to move several tons of coins, predominately copper, ensues. Keddick suggestion of mules and human sorters is shouted down. Banic, Jack and Varende start sorting coin. There is talk of Brens. Keddick has an offering in mind for Brens that he hopes will pacify his loss of the hoard and dragon. Amelanril pitches in to sort coin spotting cold and platinum. Keddick has shrunk dragons, cut their eyes out, and shrunk Kordis’ body. Banic rearranges Kordis’ backpack and stuffs the main compartment full of gold and platinum. Enough to pay the hefty fee to have him raised from the dead. Malperder fills his bag of holding with 12500 silver coins and it burps gently knocking out two more he tried to stuff in. Jack puts away a pound of platinum, fifty-three pounds of gold coins, and three small gems (one of which is over a thousand crowns). Keddick has care of the potion, wands, and a scrollcase. Varende is still carrying Thasti-Kes. A large pile of silver sits to one side of the cavern mostly seperated from the monstrous pile of copper. All of the sorting, piling and packing takes most of the day, and by all estimates including Jack and Malperder’s appetites, the day is growing to a close. There might still be some silver coins mixed in with the mass of copper, but there is more than enough silver to fill everyone’s pockets and packs.

1532.8.17 - 6pm

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