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Tairn » Del Dismissed, Dragon Damaged, Amelanril Leads the Way

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December 2023
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Del Dismissed, Dragon Damaged, Amelanril Leads the Way



We sent a messanger to try to find the rest of our party, and with Kordis watching out for trouble, I returned the mirror to it’s full form and began my scry attempts. The dragon escaped me, as usual, so I turned over in my mind my options for dealing with Del. If the negotiations could be pushed toward my agreeing to scribe scrolls for this Kak, we could perhaps come to a reasonable deal. I believed that I must bring the negotiations to a face-to-face status. If we could do this, then Kak would have known that I would be able to find him through scry, and would be unlikely to renege on an agreement to free Del. I began the scry. I was annoyed to see Del injured, but I decided to stick with my approach. I told him to say that I was in Lynx and could be contacted at the Growling Bear. Almost immediately, I saw Del hit by a magic missile, and Kak demanded that I stop playing for time and give him the book. There was no way I would do this, and allowing him to keep Del would only prolong his pain. In anger and pain, I dismissed Del.

The scry ended, and I told Kordis we needed to go. He told me he had just received a message placing them in East Lynx. We left the inn and began to walk to the bridge. With a little luck we ran into our comrades there, and proceeded to my Lord Uncle’s


Scry on Ferha. See Amelanril’s choker and ring.
Climbing in the mountains.
Brens comes down and orders Varende to bring Lord Tzabel.
Varende eventually goes to find a servant.
Brens is dismissive of everyone.
Brens eats.
Keddick, Amelanril and Kordis comes down.
Brens is suspicious of Korids. Keddick speaks to him. Kordis tries jumping in and gets ignored (perhaps some rascism). Brens names Kordis as a Clarisian.
Kordis needles Brens continually calling him “old man” and other mildly derogatory things. There is talk of polymorphing instigated by Kordis.
Brens storms away saying he doesn’t need their help. Keddick follows him as does Kordis. Keddick sends Kordis away. Keddick speaks with Brens in conciliatory tone. Brens again accepts Keddick’s spellbook.

Keddick returns downstairs. Keddick calls Brens many names and belittles his lack of manners. The group has pretty much decided to go their own way. Kordis pushes for finding the lair of the dragon. He even advocates murdering Brens at one point. Varende is shocked and disgusted.

At 8am, Keddick goes and knocks on Brens room door. Brens gives him his book back. He says his best offensive spell will be magic missile. He is interested in Scry, and he says he used Ice Storm to great effect in the battle with the dragon. He intends to return to the pastures today in hopes the dragon will return. He says he has been promised the corpose of the dragon as well as its hoard. Keddick says Amelanril wants a sword from the hoard. Brens does not agree. He does agree to splitting the gold into ten shares and keeping three for himself. Brens says to meet him at the pastures. If he does not see them there, he will assume they chose against his offer.

Keddick returns to his companions and explains the offer. No one is much interested with perhaps the exception of Varende and Keddick. Kordis pushes for finding the lair of the dragon. He even advocates murdering Brens at one point to keep the treasure to themselves. Varende is shocked and disgusted.

It is decided to head to the mountains in hopes of finding the beast’s lair. Amelanril copies the map Keddick was shown by his uncle while Keddick studies spells. Amelanril leads everyone at a hustle throughout the afternoon towards the mountains and into the foothills. As the sun comes close to setting, everyone moves into a ropetrick. In the middle of the night, Jack has a nightmare.

Jack is back in the basement of the necromancer Jaes. He is seeing it from a new perspective: laying on the altar. The braziers heat the room. He struggles against his bonds to no avail. He feels weak. Jaes stands over him with a wicked looking curved dagger. Suddenly, Natalia steps from the shadows, grasps the dagger and plunges it into Jack’s heart!

Jack wakes screaming (taking 8 points of damage which Banic heals). He tells of his dream. The rest of the night is plagued with memories of the horror. He has trouble resting and is fatigued in the morning. 

Several hours of climbing bring the group to a ridge near the top of a peak. A river can be seen running from another peak many miles further north. It runs to the west of the peak you are on. Everyone watches throughout the day. As the day is coming to a close, Varende spots the dragon wining southward from the north. A few others eventually see the beast with Varende’s direction. It flies on south and out of sight. The sun goes down and no one sees the dragon return. Rope trick.

A discussion ensues the next morning about whether to continue further north or wait to spot the dragon again. Amelanril leads everyone down the other side of the mountain and further north. During the day,  Varende glimpses the dragon flying overhead northwards. Keddick turns Amelanril into a dragon and makes him invisible. Amelanril follows the dragon. He returns after six minutes and becomes visible and Elvish shortly thereafter. He says the dragon disappeared into the peak ahead. The dragon disappeared into the bare top of the peak suddenly. There must be a cave of some type up there. Amelanril also saw water coming out of the mountain lower down and cascading into a pool that then became the river through the trees. He leads everyone towards the mountain. After more travel, he brings the group to a pool at the base of a fifty foot waterfall. He leads everyone up to the left and eventually comes to a wide mouthed cave not far from the waterfall. The cave is fifteen feet wide and about ten tall at the entrance and for the first few feet in. Keddick transmutes his eyes to see in the dark. The party prepares to enter…

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