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December 2023
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Training, Towns, Traveling thru Trees


Banic re-enters the tower, sells the fan and wand and comes out with boots. Malperder enters the tower and comes back out. Keddick tells everyone he will be tied up tomorrow, but he offers Varende the use of a phantom horse for the trip to Kinspa. Keddick summons the steed at the outskirts of town and then retreats to The Lucky Silver for hours of fruitless scrying on the dragon and Amelanril as well as an identification of the wand he took from the Lion room. Kordis goes to The Long Road while Jack and the dwarves go to The Terrace, drink, and talk; Jack tries to find out about Barnim – he discovers he was murdered some weeks ago – his widow and children moved to live with her sister in the country (Jack spends 4 crowns). Varende arrives in Kinspa, meets a druid and is led to another druid after explaining the reason for his visit. He recognizes the druid as she who aided them against worgs last year. Etania recognizes Varende but admits she does not remember his name when he mentions Keddick. He explains the plight of his brother, and Etania suggests he travel to Glosaril and get personal effects of Amelanril’s; she says the Master of the Grove will demand a price be paid for this help from the druids. Varende sets out for Glosaril and spends the night in the forest on his way.


Keddick scribes

Varende speaks to his parents about Amelanril, gathers some personal items from Amelanril’s home, and listens to their mother weep for her eldest son. Varende heads back south to the druids.

Banic and Malperder visit the temple of Andreja in Dendros and speak to Merrina. They spend the morning with her telling their tale of the past month, healing one or two people who come in begging for help, and ask about Barnim’s death. She is unfamiliar with the smith or his death. When asked about grave robbers, she says the body snatchings have stopped much to her relief. She professes to know nothing of the necromancer they speak of, but she does remember the Lake Street fire. She says “Is that how you were burned that night?” Eventually the dwarves leave empty-handed. They pursue Barnim’s murderer at guardhouse nearest the forge. The guard looks through some papers and is able to say that the death occured on the fifth of last month. Barnim was found dead by his wife. The guard was called. She was quesstioned. She said she remembered seeing a small dark headed woman in the days leading up to the murder. The blades Barnim was working on for her were missing from the smithy, so she was sure the woman had come to get them or they were stolen. Barnim’s widow has moved to the country to a farm where her sister lives. Malperder asks for the location of the farm, and the guard says he must clear it with his captain first. Who are they and where do they live? Malperder gives his name and the name of The Terrace and they go on their way.

Varende is led to Aglandar, Elven Master of the Grove. After introductions, Etania leaves with a bow. Varende follows protocol bowing to Aglandar on his thrown. Aglandar says they can help, but if they do, he demands that Varende allow them to make him “geas bound.” He explains a sigil will be placed on Varende’s skin that will allow Aglandar to invoke the bara-droy. Varende is skeptical and asks quesstions surrounding violating his belief in the sanctity of life and enslavement to the druids. Aglandar says that the task of a bara-droy can be usually accomplished in a few weeks, and asks Varende if he thinks the druids are assassins in the world. Varende agrees and is led away from Aglandar. Late at night when the moon is at its zenith, the druids begin their ritual. After an hour, a druid comes to tell Varende that it is successful and that they are in contact with Amelanril. Varende heads back to Glosaril to tell his parents the good news.

Jack and Kordis train.

1532.8.5 - Keddick

Keddick hires two researchers at the Order of Darius for a queen a day for a week each to research any information the order has in its archives on “Goblins & the Green Dragon Emblem” and “Red Dragons in the History of House Tzabel.” He returns to The Lucky Silver to scry the red dragon (failed), his father (successful), and Del (successful). He speaks with his father and learns that there was another appearance of the dragon on the 3rd. No one was killed, but several cattle were savaged and eaten. The attacks all seem to be happening within the same area halfway between Malkir’s home on the coast and Prend’s estate south of Lynx. The attacks have all been within five to seven miles of each other. Keddick reassures his father he is attempting to find help for House Tzabel. He also asks if anyone has left a ransom note for Del. Melkir replies non that he knows of. Keddick queries his father about the possibility of payment to whomever would slay the dragon. His father reassures him that Prend would have no illusions about not paying a hero for the task. When Keddick pulls an image of Del into the mirror, he sees a similar scene to what he has seen before. A single goblin in leather armor and armed with a morningstar stands guard over the caged raven. Keddick does not speak to Del this time. He studies the area carefully though in hopes of memorizing it for later teleportation. He has started to focus reasearch on longer range teleporatation than a simple dimension door.

At night, Keddick makes his way to the palace gates and shows Attalus’ medallion. He is conducted to Attalus’ chambers. He speaks to Attalus of the impending attack of giants, Malperder’s death and resurrection, and the vision Moradin gave to him. Keddick urges Attalus to be vigilant and look into the matter. Keddick also relates his families’ woes with the dragon and asks for advice. He receives it, but the advice is mostly what Keddick already knows. They breathe fire. They are susceptible to cold. He hypothesizes that a feeding dragon might mean a growth spurt is imminent. He knows of no men who might be willing to take on the task of slaying the dragon.

1532.8.5 Malperder & Banic

The dwarves go to see Merrina at the Dendros Temple. She lays out incense and prays to Andreja for guidance. She says that she sees both good and bad in accompanying the dwarves to Lysoria, but chooses out of friendship with Banic to take the risk. She leads the dwarves to Lysoria and bids them wait while she inquires. She returns to conduct them to a priest inside. She speaks to Banic’s good heart and kindness to the injured of Dendros. She leaves them in the priest’s chamber. Banic notices that the priest seems pre-disposed against any story he might tell whether it be race, the outlandishness of the resurrection and vision, or distrust of the minion of another deity. Regardless, as Banic continues the priest fails to warm, and as the dwarves are ushered out, neither notice the condescending tone born of disbelief in his voice. When they return to The Terrace, a note from the guard gives directions to the home Barnim’s widow has fled to in the country. Malperder resolves to travel there the next day.

1532.8.5  Varende

Varende spends most of the day with his parents before returning south to the druids. He speaks to a weary looking Aglandar late at night. Aglandar informs him that they spoke with Amelanril, and that they can trees to take Varende and anyone else close to the hill giants. He says no druids will accompany them other than to travel, but we will do that much. Varende says he will return as soon as possible with companions.


Keddick scribes.

Malperder follows the guard’s directions as best he can and after a long walk and many questions of passerby, finds what he thinks is the right home. He knocks. The door starts to open. A rotund woman sees him as she starts to say hello, and she immediately starts closing the door as the fearsome armored dwarf with three axes and a hammer begins speaking to her. He begs through the door that he has come to see Barnim’s widow Glenda. He backs away from the door so he is easily visible from the windows. Eventually, Glenda opens the door and greets Malperder. He asks for the story of Barnim’s death, and she tearfully tells what she thinks. She knows that Barnim was working on a pair of blades, a rapier and a dagger, for a woman..her name perhaps began with a ‘D.’ She says maybe his log book shows her name. She told the guards of it a month ago when it happened. She had seen the woman leaving one time. She was short with an elven look about her and dark hair. Malperder consoles her the only way he knows how: threats of death for the murderer if found, and a sum of one hundred gold crowns as loan til she can regain her self. He must realize that Barnim was her livelyhood and that the money will not be repaid. Malperder returns to The Terrace, and shortly Varende arrives with Kordis. All but Keddick meet at a table in The Terrace.

As Varende is making his way back towards Lake Catherine, two well dressed men approach headed in the opposite direction from Varende. They approach and the shorter with longsword at his side says they are “Collecting for the poor. Can you please make a donation?” Varende shrugs him off and says he is in a hurry. The taller fellow whips out a rapier as Varnede moves away and tries to trip Varende. The shorter man shoots at Varende with a hand crossbow. Varende quaffs a potion and turns invisible. He to the side of the cart track and through a lucky shot is hit by a bolt from the crossbow. He feels a poison seeping into him but resists the effects. He moves away quietly as the men search for him. A minute later and a long distance away, he falls to the ground in a poisoned slumber. He wakes some time later, but his now visible person has not been robbed. He heads to The Lucky Silver and leaves Keddick a note with Kendall saying he wishes to see him about a matter of importance. Keddick gets the note some hours later, but his exhaustion leaves no room for an immediate reply. Varende arrives at The Long Road and finds Kordis. They head companionably back to The Terrace to find the others. Varende speaks to his friends of the plans of the druids to send them through trees to the lair of the hill giants. All agree to go. 


Varende and companions journey to The Lucky Silver to find Keddick. Kendall says he expects him to take his morning meal soon enough, and everyone digs in to delicious Lucky Silver fare: porridge with fruit, nuts and honey; bacon; other unnamed delights. Around eight bells, Keddick enters the room and joins his companions. Varende explains that the druids of Kinspa say they can send him and any companions to attempt a rescue of Amelanril. Varende says it would be a great favor if Keddick could come with them. Keddick agrees and says he need only prepare spells. Varende also mentions he spoke to the druids about the dragon, but none among them are conversant with the ways of the wyrms. Varende says they could go as early as tonight, but it is unanimous that they should wait til tomorrow morning to avoid the darkness. The companions travel at dwarf speed to the forest, and upon entering the southern end, are greeted by a druid. They are led through the forest, and Varende is brought before Aglandar, Master of the Grove. Aglandar says they may leave as early as tonight, but that there is the matter of the payment. “Are you ready to receive the mark? Remove your armor and shirt.” Aglandar steps behind Varende, chants, and places his hand on Varende’s right shoulder. Varende feels a painful burning as a sigil is burned into his flesh. The whole ritual takes a minute or so. As Varende redresses, he thanks Aglandar and tells him they will be ready to go in the morning. He turns Songweaver back over to Aglandar and returns to his companions. Everyone beds down in leafy beds for the night and are awakened early the next day.


Keddick prepares spells and Kordis and Banic prepare their minds. A druid comes to take everyone to a large pool of water within a small clearing. A circle of seven druids including Aglandar, Elven Master of the Grove, hold hands surrounding the pool of water gazing into it. Etania is among the circle as are two other humans and three other elves. The circle of druids drop hands and two gaze into the water while taking hands with all of you. They reach out with their free hands to nearby trees and you feel yourselves pulled through the space. You appear within the edge of a sparesely wooded area. The sun sits higher in the sky here more fully above the horizon to the east. A small hill to the north has what appears to be a wide cave mouth with two hill giants standing outside the cave entrance. The two druids say they will wait here and morph into trees. Keddick notes the position as best he can as do others. The tree line is perhaps twenty feet away, and the cave mouth some eight hundred feet beyond that. There is a gentle rise to the land as it approached the cave and beyond the peak of the hill. Few trees dot the hill with relatively open land beyong the tree cover. The land is rocky with grasses and scrub bushes sprouting here and there. After some discussion, Varende and Jack exit the cover of trees. Varende looses an arrow at one of the giants. The arrow strikes the giant but glances away as Jack hurls insults in the Giant tongue as loudly as he can. The giants are looking around for the source of the arrow, but it takes over thirty seconds for one to finally spot Jack and Varende and point. Varende ducks into the cover of trees where Kordis waits to enchant his arrows with flame. Two rocks fall well short of Jack and he moves back into the trees as Banic blows his Horn. Keddick convinces Kordis to move out to throw fire at the giants as Varende moves out to fire again. Banic and Malperder break the cover of trees. Kordis moves forward to execute Keddick’s plan, but Keddick stays behind to cast Shield, so Kordis slows his pace and stops by Varende. Keddick speedily moves past Kordis with his magically enhanced speed (expeditios retreat). Varende draws first blood with a flaming arrow. Keddick and Kordis hurl fire as Jack calls Eruvan and Eruvenne. Varende continues shooting arrows and moving slowly forward. More rocks are hurled and eventually one catches Banic square in the chest.

We will pick up next week on the battlemat where we left off. The two hill giants have retreated inside the cave. One was hurt badly have born arrow, fireball, fireball, ice storm, and the other was injured badly as well by fireball, fireball, and perhaps fireball (I don’t have my notes). Keddick is moving at 60 ft and cast expeditious retreat, shield, fireball, and invisibility.  He has darkvision and mage armor for another 6 hours (approximately). Kordis cast three fireballs, an ice storm, and a flame arrow on Varende’s arrows. Banic cast Shield of Faith on himself. Jack summoned Eruvan and Eruvenne. More fire, some ice, more arrows, lots of running forward, and one at a time the giants burned and bloody move into the cave. Now invisible, Keddick calls out to the dwarves to stay close together to be hasted, but he does not cast. Banic casts Shield of Faith on himself. All move forward.

Banic is about 470 ft from the cave entrance. Malperder is 25 ft behind. Keddick is close to Banic

Jack and the lions are the front runners at about 350 feet from the cave entrance


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