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Tairn » Leaving the Mountain - Glory to Glordar! Swear!

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December 2023
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Leaving the Mountain - Glory to Glordar! Swear!

Banic in his undertunic and Malperder naked but carrying Giant Bane walk out of the temple just after sunrise. They walk across the bridge and down to the platform. Everyone buzzes with questions. Banic says “Mighty Moradin has brought Malperder back. There is much to the story, but I will save it for another time. This mighty work has drained me, and I will be unable to heal any of you this day.”

Malperder insists that giants are coming to the lands of men and that the group should leave the mountain now. He says Thoral told him it was so. He says that there may be a few months of peace left, but that the hill giants will come.

As the discussion about finding the statue, leaving the mountain, and getting home ensues, a voice from the temple calls “Kalnar! Kalnar! Come to me!” Kalnar approaches the temple and from the shadows of the columns steps Chernac. Chernac speaks to Kalnar, and Kalnar returns to the platform to speak to Jack.

“Chernac wishes to speak with you. Go to the temple.”

Jack walks up to the line of pillars. As he approaches Chernac, Jack feels a drastic drop in the temperature. Behind Chernac is a three foot tall statue of a dragon in silver with blue gemstone eyes. Chernac says

“You have kept your part of the bargain. The white beast are dead as well as their minions. I have found our dragon. You are free to go.”

Jack asks for food, and Chernac says that he can take what Kalnar brought to the top of the mountain. He also asks for a guide. Chernac says

“Kalnar will lead you to the bridge. Go now. I will send no other with you. It is all I can do to stop my people who are crying for your blood for the murder you have done. Do not betray me Jack, or I will hunt you to the end of my days.”

Jack assures Chernac that he will not betray him. Chernac lifts the dragon and jumps into the air. As he leaps, his form blurs and he becomes an eagle. Varende sees this clearly. All see an eagle exit the monastery and as it flies across towards the group, another eagle takes wing and joins it as they dive down the mountainside.

Keddick insists he wants to scry Del right away, but everyone convinces him to move on down the mountain. Kalnar insists they go. Kalnar leads everyone down the steps. At the bottom he says everyone should follow him single file in his footsteps to make the way to the bridge. An hour and a half later, everyone is at the bridge. Kalnar tells them to go.

Keddick is very concerned about Del, but waits until the bridge is crossed before trying to scry Del. He sees him after an hour of concentration. He is in a cage woven of supple greenwood. Keddick watches him for many minutes before the spell’s magic ends. He hears Del begging a captor to release him:

“I’m no thread to you. You can say I slipped through the cage. Why not let me go? Release me.”

There is no reply to this chatter. Keddick is inclined to go back and challenge the bugbears for Del’s presence. Everyone argues against it. Jack leads the group down the mountain. After a few hours of travel, everyone is tired and chooses not to push on.

Keddick creates a rope trick and the night passes uneventfully.

In the morning, Keddick casts scry and sees Del apparently flying with nothing around him but an occasional wisp of mist. It is disconcerting. Keddick casts spells to speak with Del and is eventually successful. Del says a small bird came late last night, and the bugbear guarding him released him. Del says he was fearful and agitated because he could not feel Keddick for so long. He says rough hands grabbed him one night while he was roosting, stuffed him in a cage and carried him down the mountain. He says it was during a time when he could not feel Keddick’s presence. Keddick tells him the group is on the mountain still and that Del should find them. Del says he is searching already. Keddick wants to wait for Del, but the remainder of the group votes for pressing on. Jack leads down the mountain and eventually into the valley below. After several more hours of travel, Keddick can sense Del and calls him mentally. The group eats while they wait for Del. Del arrives 15 to 20 minutes later and is reunited with his master. As the group sits eating and resting, someone notices sounds coming from their backtrail.

Owlbears attack! Four monstrosities eight feet tall ferociously rip into the party, but the creatures soon lie dead.

The foul bodies are left behind as Jack leads the group away. After more hours of travel, the ground has changed from densely wooded to rolling rocky hills with grasses. As the group proceeds, a great crashing is heard from slightly behind and to the right of the direction of travel. Everyone sees and hears a twenty foot tall behemoth charging at them yelling (in Giant) “Crush! Kill! Rend! Destroy! Die!” Malperder turns towards the giant and yells “Form up!” as if commanding a company of skilled Dwarven giant slayers. Varende pops an arrow into the beast. The giant (huge) rushes at Malperder and swings a heavy morningstar at him as Malperder charges the beast. The two start slugging away at each other. As Malperder swings Giant Bane, it cries “Death to Giants! For the Glory of Glordar! Swear!” Malperder yells “Death to Giants” and the axe bites deep. Banic casts Divine Favor, and Jack circles the giant warily. The howling of wolves heralds the approach of a pack as Kordis calls magic to destroy the giant. Wolves surround Jack and soon Keddick moves in to help his friend. A wolf knocks Keddick to the ground and tears at him repeatedly as he tries to get up and then cast a spell while laying on the ground. Eventually Keddick plays dead. Two long chains hang from a metal collar on the huge green giant with the third arm. They swing well below his waist. Varende spots two hill giants approaching moving casually and laughing. They lift stones from the ground. Kordis fires a lightning bolt that fells the huge giant and three wolves. A great stone hits Malperder in the shoulder spinning him around and another whistles by Jack. The hill giants engage! Banic and Malperder make short work of one with some well placed scorching rays from Kordis. Jack falls to the club of the other, but Banic jerks him back from death with a quick spell most likely saving his life and stopping the bleeding. Varende moves in with his longsword drawn. As he tumbles close to the giant he spots his brother Amelanril’s scabbard and sword stuck through the creatures belt. He tumbles behind the giant and waits for his moment. Malperder moves up to kill the beast and Varende strikes, but the creature’s skin turns the slashing blade aside. Malperder’s axe rises and falls as he swears the blood oath a third time and the final giant falls.

Varende pulls his brother’s sword from the body and searches it. He finds a pouch with Dwarven rods of gold in it – about 15 pounds as well as a brooch, 2 potions, and a pair of small gems. Keddick identifies the potions as Shield of Faith and Spider Climb. Varende searches the other giant and finds a similar amount of Dwarven gold. His search of the behemoth turns up nothing, but he is unable to roll the creature to search its front.

Everyone is anxious to move away from the slaughter. When Malperder and Kordis return from a quick patrol around the area, Jack leads everyone in the direction they were originally headed for half an hour before Keddick creates a rope trick to hide in. Banic is able to heal everyone’s wounds, but all of the spell casters have exhausted the majority of their powers. Keddick offers to attempt to scry on Amelanril in the morning, but Varende says that they should instead concentrate on getting out of the mountains including spells in Keddick’s repertoire that will help them survive and get free of the wilderness. Food is running short. The night passes uneventfully.

The next morning Jack leads the group for five hours of walking when several people realize that they have gone largely in a circle. Jack agrees to let Banic try leading the group on from this point. He says he led the group back here so Banic could get his bearings.

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