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Tairn » 1532.6.8 to 1532.6.17 - Breaking & Entering - Necromancy in Dendros?

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December 2023
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1532.6.8 to 1532.6.17 - Breaking & Entering - Necromancy in Dendros?

1532.6.14 - Dinner at The Terrace
As Jack is dining at The Terrace with the Dwarves, he feels Natalia squeezing by him into the booth. She whispers urgently to Jack “Pull the curtains. Pull them!” As Jack and Malperder do so, you all hear a man asking another bar matron for Natalia. You see the man looking around. He throws himself into a chair. The matron says she isn’t working now. The man scoffs, says something about her not working much lately, and angrily leaves knocking his chair over petulantly as he exits. Natalia breathes a sigh of relief and tells you all that the man is terribly burdensome. She has started to avoid him. Jaes stayed at The Terrace for a full week last month before purchasing a house somewhere on the Lake in Dendros. He has been flirting with Natalia in a most unwelcome way for the past month, and he just doesn’t take a hint. She seems a little scared of him and remarks that there is something just not right about him.

1532.6.15 – Jack meets with Brother Junni
Brother Junni of the Order of Camin seeks you out. He says he would like to hire you for an artifact retrieval. He can offer you 70 queens, 7 Eyes of Camin (a piece of polished darkwood that the monks create through tedious hours of work – value: 80 queens each) and a barrel of ale (55 gallons at 2sp per gallon retail – 11gp per week for a year) to bring back the Tome of Harmonious Mind, Body and Spirit known as the Book of the Ys. The Order has been collecting information for some time about this fabled tome, and they recently found a trapper in Caertan that felt he knew where the peak in the Scale Tooth Mountains was located. The Seers of Suratus when implored to find the rumored Book of the Ys presented a prophecy from a Reader that at the time made no sense. The Seers said a “dark-faced foreigner” would join with the “the river-spawned blade”, “children of the mountain”, a Kinspa Elf, and one noble born. The Reading was recorded while the Order of Camin searched for those that were spoken of in the prophecy. The Order has been watching Jack and three other river rats for some time, but Jack’s exploits of the past year have made them certain he is the “river-spawned blade” spoken of in the prophecy. When it became known after Dapa that Jack was now consorting with two Dwarves as well as an elf and a nobleman’s son, the Order of Camin started watching Jack more closely in hopes the foreigner would soon appear. Meanwhile, the Order continued searching for the possible resting place of the Book of Ys and the Order of Camin. A mountain trapper in Caertan recognized the peak from a drawing the brothers had, and for a small sum, drew a good quality map to the peak in the spring. The trapper’s name was Grayman. With the recent appearance of the Tower of Jarandil, the Order has convinced one of the war mages to leave the tower and search for the Book. Jack says he will speak to his friends. The prophecy means nothing to him, but the money does.

1532.6.15 - Banic is told of grave robberies
Priestess of Andreja Marena (Merry-nuh) shares wine with Banic and mentions that there has been a spate of grave robberies lately. While the robberies themselves are nothing new, the fact that some bodies have turned up missing is unusual.

1532.6.16 - Merric tells Jack that Natalia is missing
Merric tells Jack that Natalia has been missing for two days. She didn’t show up for work on the 15th, and today, he went to her home and found no sign of her. He asks you to keep your eyes open for her. You offer to approach Jaes to see if he knows anything. Jaes has not been seen since the 14th either.

1532.6.16 - Varende’s Story - Kerel offers Varende a job
A man approaches as you leave your home for the day. He says that he has a proposition for you. He needs a house burgled, and a mutual friend, Derris Kale, suggested your name. A wealthy man in Dendros recently purchased a large quantity of onyx from a jewel merchant in Lysoria. Kerel has researched the man. His name is Jaes, and he lives in Dendros in a newly purchased Lakeside home. Kerel has watched him for several days, and he seems to live alone and has no servants. Kerel suggests it should be simple for you to slip into the house, search it, and find the gems. The stones are worth about 400 crowns, and Kerel wishes to split the money with you. You walk to Dendros to look at the houe with Kerel. He suggests you wait for the man to leave to take a meal and then slip in.You agree to attempt the burglary and part ways. You speak with Derris Kale to insure that Kerel is who he says he is.

You return to the house in the evening and loiter. When you see the man come out, lock the gate and leave, you give him ten minutes and then nimbly climb the gate. You circle the house and decide on a back window on the second floor to enter by. You scale the side of the house and by great luck open the window easily though it was barred from the inside. You slip into the room beyond.

This room contains an apothecary chest on wooden legs with eight small drawers and four large ones. Two small wooden boxes sit atop the chest. Next to the apothecary chest is a small high table with a mortal and pestle, a small saw, and a sharp knife on it. A shuttered window is on each exterior wall with a small iron bar keeping it shut.

Mission accomplished, you slip back out the window leaving the bar on the floor and are away into the night. You meet Kerel at The Foamy Mug and split the onyx with him. He is dismayed that there is not more. You offer him 5 of the 8 stones as recompense for not finding it all, but he insists that it was a 50/50 split. He says if you go back, half of what you take is his.

The next day you speak with Shanneth Kemmin in Dendros. She scratches some dirt away covering part of the rune on the finger bones and pronounces the meaning as “living death” in the language of dragons. After having removed the obscuring dirt, you immediately see her meaning and agree. She says she doesn’t know what they would be used for, but it seems necromantic to her. She advises you to steer clear of the man you stole them from.

1532.6.16 – Jack and the Dwarves take a walk
Jack and the Dwarves follow Merric’s directions to what must be Jaes’ house. It is late in the evening, and Varende burgled the house not long ago. While Jack is rattling the gate and shouting for someone to come speak to him, two city guards happen by. The admonish Jack, Banic and Malperder to be on their way after taking their names. They mention Natlatia is missing and the leader of the two guards offers to take a report. All go to a watch house and Jack makes a report giving all the details he can. The guard seems skeptical about the urgency of a barmaid not seen for 48 hours, but he says he will look into it and leave word at The Terrace.

1532.6.17 - Keddick and Jennery Ride to Pellish Lands
The ride on Phantom Horses to Lord Pellish’s manor is uneventful. Jennery does reveal that you were seen with Aaron a few nights before, and that is part of why you were chosen as his escort. You are expected to look for details about Aaron as best you can remember him from three nights before. You and Jennery mostly fail to talk as your mounts speed along at a sprinter’s pace. You arrive shortly after midday. Jennery announces the two of you to the first servant he sees, and you are ushered into a small well-appointed library with several dozen books. Within a few minutes, another servant enters with a tray of refreshments. You wait for another ten minutes before a priest of Andreja enters. Connor introduces himself and says that he has been instructed to take you directly to the body of Aaron. Keddick confirms that it is Aaron.

  • Notes he is wearing same clothes
  • Notes his armbands are missing
  • Notes he looks remarkably good for a dead guy; Keddick realizes that this effect is like the spell found in Dareth Coul, Gentle Repose

Jennery casts “Speak With Dead” and questions Aaron.

– his speech at first is garbled and Jennery extracts a copper from beneath his tongue
“walking home late at night on the streets of Lysoria to The Lucky Silver from a party. A man in a dark cloak stepped out clutching a large tome, spoke some odd words and moved his hand, and then two rays struck me and I crumpled to the street, weak as a kitten. As I lay on my stomach on the ground unable to move, I felt a blade pierce my back as two voices chuckled maniacally above me. Blackness engulfed me.”

Jennery tells Keddick that Pellish is paying to have his son brought back to life. He produces a “body bag” and Keddick helps him get the body inside. The body disappears into what must be a magical bag.

1532.6.17 – Everyone meets Kordis
At the end of the day, Varende, Jack, Banic and Malperder sit in The Terrace discussing Natalia’s disappearance. As Malperder insists they should go back to Jaes’ house, Brother Junni comes in with a dark-faced foreigner. Brother Junni names him Kordis and says he comes from The Tower. The group questions Kordis about The Tower and his homeland. He says his homeland is desert land called Claris, and that he has traveled as a guard of The Tower for some time. The Tower is owned by Jarandil, a powerful magician. Jarandil is a merchant of sorts, mostly trading in enchanted goods. Kordis has chosen to leave the life of The Tower and stay in Tairn. Brother Junni speaks to Merric and tells Kordis that Merric has a room he can rent. He says he will return tomorrow to speak with you all once Keddick returns.More talk of Jaes and Natalia ensue as the beer flows. Malperder is the first to offer the foreigner a drink after they trade slurs about pigmentation and height. With their bravado bolstered by good ale, everyone sets out for Jaes’ house. As Jack leads on, Varende realizes that this is the house is burgled yesterday. Standing in the moonlight at the gate, Varende reveals he has a “friend” who has been inside, and that he thinks the man who lives here might be about dark business and best left alone.However, Varende unlocks the gate lock easily when prompted, and all enter. Everyone moves towards the house with the Dwarves clanking loudly. Varende’s sharp ears hear someone in the lane, and hisses for all to stop. Two guards are seen eventually approaching, and they stop in front of the house looking around. One leaves further down the road and then comes back a few minutes later. They talk a bit more and then move off.Everyone moves up to the house, and Varende unlocks the front door. Moving within the house, Malperder sees a long entrance hall.

The entrance hall of the house extends the entire depth of the house terminating in a staircase leading up to a landing. Just below the right side of the landing next to the stair is a small door in the outer wall of the house. Two cracked and broken mirrors hang on the walls in the center of the hall opposite each other multiplying and scattering Jack’s brief light in every direction. A short chain hangs between the mirrors from the ceiling. Several areas on the walls appear whiter than the wall around them. Litter and debris are scattered across the floor. Large doors in the walls near the front door appear to open out into the hallway. Near the base of the stairs, a small unassuming door leads out of the hall. A smell of decay underlies the dustiness of the hall.

Varende searches the door on the right and then opens it to peer into the room beyond. The Dwarves step boldly in.

A large raggedy over-stuffed arm chain sits in the room with a small table beside it. A huge threadbare rug covers the floor. The north wall is split by a large door that appears to slide into the walls when opened. Two shuttered windows are locked with heavy iron bars.

Malperder attempts to slide the doors apart, but they are locked. Varende searches and then unlocks the door. Malperder opens them. Within the room beyond…

Varende searches the chest and opens it. It is filled with old musty blankets. Everyone heads back to the main hallway and Varende opens the door on the left nearest the front of the house.

The room is dominated by a large oval wooden table. Dark ragged stains spread out from its center. Chairs are pushed against the exterior walls of the room. Windows in the outer walls are shuttered and bound with heavy iron rods. Above the table hangs a small length of chain for a candelabra chandelier to light the room. A rectangular patch against one wall stands out where perhaps a sideboard once stood.

Varende is sure the stains on the table are blood. A door in the right wall of the room leads out of the room. Varende checks it and opens it to reveal a kitchen: 

A strong odor of rotting food permeates the room, and flies buzz around a half-eaten meal atop a small sideboard: an open bottle of wine, a partially eaten chicken, a chunk of bread, and a rotting apple are all that remains of someone’s meal. A large table sits beneath a shuttered window locked by a stout iron bar.

Again the Dwarves step in and Banic notices an iron ring in the floor in the corner. A heavy trapdoor is set into the floor going into a cellar area. He opens it and then closes it again. Everyone decides to quickly search the upper floor first. Moving to the stairs, they climb to a landing and on to the second floor.

As you come to the top of the stairs, a large wooden arched door dominates the left wall. A smaller door is just beyond it. On the right wall, two small doors stand side by side in the middle of the wall. At the far end, a pair of light wooden doors cover what must be an exit to the welcoming porch outside. The sickly smell of death and decay is faint up here. Three rectangles on the walls seem a lighter color than the surrounding wall as if someone removed tapestries or paintings.

Malperder suggests the doors on the right, and someone counters with the big doors on the left instead. Varende locates what he thinks is an arcane trap on the door and all retreat down the steps. Varende tries to disarm the trap and it blows up burning him severely. All rush up the steps at Varende’s anguished scream, and the power of Moradin heals his burns. Varende examines the door to see if he thinks it will go off again, but he just isn’t sure. Kordis says he knows a ritual to protect a door in a similar fashion and assures Varende that it won’t go off again. Varende moves away from the door, and Malperder opens it.

A large bed occupies the corner. Two pillows, a stuffed, mattress tick and a couple of blankets are crumpled across its length. A small table next to the bed has a hard leather pouch on it. A shuttered window is on each exterior wall with a small iron bar keeping it shut.

Jack lifts the pouch and peers inside to see between 30 and 50 coins including queens, crowns and princes. The group moves to the next door around to reveal:

…a mostly empty room. A wooden cradle with a broken stave sits against the far wall, and a child’s doll lies crumpled in the corner of the room. Shutters cover a window in the front of the house. A small iron bar holds them shut.

Varende checks the door to the other room in the front of the house, and then it is opened. Some skeletal forms move towards Varende from the dark, and a slow moving corpse stands across the room. Varende readies his blade and awaits the onslaught. Malperder pushes past his Elven comrade and strikes a mighty blow shattering one of the skeletons. Kordis and Banic through magic through the doorway, and Varende tumbles in to slash with his sword at the zombie. Within seconds the filthy undead are returned to the hereafter. Finally, the room is examined:

A four post rope bed droops against the wall, its drapery hanging limply in the still air. A shuttered window is on each exterior wall with a small iron bar keeping it shut.

Varende moves to open the final door onto the room he previously burgled. All seems as he left it including the iron bar on the floor of the room. Varende makes some show of examining the room, and then everyone returns to the kitchen.


Malperder is the first to drop the five feet to the stair landing below. Jack follows quickly and then out of the darkness come two skeletons of dogs and two human skeletons. Stairs lead down to a musty empty cellar below. The dogs bite Malperder and Jack, but they are then quickly dispatched. Kordis makes it onto the landing seconds after Merric appears from a side opening at the base of the stairs. Malperder recognizes that Merric Kolis isn’t moving right, but Jack, Kordis and Varende do not notice the change in Merric. A pea-sized ball of flame shoots from Kordis’ hand and explodes engulfing the cellar in flames. The remaining skeletons and Merric fall lifeless to the floor. Banic drops into the cellar. Malperder moves down the stairs to near where Meric stood and is suddenly paralyzed. Varende tumbles down to the floor and a piercing shriek fills the basement. Varende is deafened. Others mill about and the shriek repeats several more times. Banic finds a skull hanging in the corner near the stairs emanating a magical aura. He smashes it with his hammer. Soon the paralysis fades from Malperder’s limbs, and the deafness fades to a mere ringing in everyone’s ears. Banic points out the stout wooden door across the room. He says it has a magical aura about it.


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