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Tairn » 1532.5.15 to 1532.6.8

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December 2023
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1532.5.15 to 1532.6.8

After days of arduous travel, a brief nocturnal bout with some young white dragons, the loss of five freed dwarves, some troll avoidance via rope tricks, and more arduous travel, you all arrived safely back in Lysoria. Just outside Lysoria, you parted ways with Thorgar; Malperder asked Thorgar to return his family axe to his father. Thorgar praises you, and he wishes you all well. Seven of the freed humans left you as you passed through Plythe land to return to their homes. Three freed humans from Hatertow lands look for work outside of Lysoria hoping for a new life in Caertzabel. At The Lucky Silver, Kendall tells you about a strange tower that appeared on the 1st of the month between Thistledown and Lysoria. Rumor has it that a wizard name Jarandil (he mangles the name) had an audience with King William. The day after the audience a permenant stone structure appeared around the tower. Amin accompanies Varende to Thistledown where he takes a room at The Wheatsheaf with Keddick’s generous donation of gold. All but Keddick see the tower soaring 180 feet into the air with a red pennant on a pole at the top of the tower. A vaguely hemispherical dome surrounds the base of the tower, and a small group of people are waiting outside a door. A similar door can be seen on the other side. Kendall told you the guild wizard in Thistledown, Palcinik, entered the tower two days ago. He hasn’t been heard from since. Varende arrives home to find the human form of the silver dragon sitting at his table inside the house. He introduces himself as Palinitas, and excitedly tells Varende that he found Isha living here in the Lake Catherine area. The dwarves and Jack are greeted warmly by Merric, and all retire to their rooms.
We are ending on 1532.6.8 in the evening.
A few days pass, and as you Malperder returns to the forge with Barnim, Banic returns to the temple of Andreja to help with healing supplicants to the temple.
Keddick mentioned traveling to the Wizard Isles to pay his dues, and then journeying home to see his family and take the three men there.
Varende intends to head to Kinspa forest to speak with Ash’s father about his death.
Malperder considers returning back to Vestri’s kingdom, but Banic’s wanderlust keeps him rooted in Dendros for the time being.
Banic mentions his stone-shaping efforts at the ruins.
Malperder intends to purchase a pearl to have his +1 dwarven battleaxe identified so he can quit saying “plus the axe.”
Keddick offers to identify the cloak for Banic if he wishes to purchase a pearl and a cup of wine for him.
Jack (perhaps) intends to do some serious gambling.
Traver fades into the background after bidding you all farewell. He says something about finding Jerim.
As you speak with different people, you learn people are referring to the new building as the “Tower of Jarandil.”
You learn:

  • The occupants of the tower are worshippers of a god known as Boccob, the god of Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance, and Foresight. He is known as the Uncaring, the Lord of All Magic, and the Archmage of the Deities.
  • a newly appointed captain of the guard in Thistledown investigated the tower with his men; he was admitted when he knocked on the door, but his men remained outside; he came out ½ hour later looking pasty, white, drained and listless; one of his men noticed that his longsword now glows like a torch! (Captain Laonin [l-ow-n-in)
  • A nobleman, Gregor of Mornay, from Lysoria entered the tower and came back out minutes later. He returned in two hours with armed men carrying huge chests. He re-entered the tower and left fifteen minutes later.
  • A local farmer, Highnon, went in and returned ½ an hour later looking pasty, white, drained and listless. He wandered off towards his farm. Highnon’s farm has done poorly of late.

Malperder returns to Barnim’s forge. Barnim is preparing to assist a wizard, Garrett, a guild freeman, in creation of a magical blade for a nobleman. Barnim offers Malperder 10 crowns per day for two weeks to assist in the creation of the dagger (80 crowns). He introduces him to Garrett (assuming Malperder is willing – this happens on the 10th).

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