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December 2023
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  • V & K get back to camp a bit after midnight; it is now 14th (1532.5.14)
  • Everyone discusses the big plan for exterminating the hobgoblins or saving the dwarves (or was it the other way around?) – this takes about 1:45 (real time plus 10 minutes for Varende to tell his story of the mine); Keddick wakes up a sleepy Oskerk, asks him questions about the mine, and he groggily answers and falls back asleep; you may not have gotten great answers from him – he told you the gate was the only one
  • Everyone sleeps late (except Varende)
  • Late afternoon, everyone travels towards the camp; Thorgar leads the dwarves and Varende to the cliff above Nygragg’s building and Traver leads the rest of the group to the cliff above the lake. Banic casts telepathic bond on Varende to help time the attack
  • Banic and Varende both reach the cliff tops, and as the spell fades, they relate the information to each other; Banic says wait 20 minutes and then go.  The time would be 20 minutes after dusk
  • Thorgar tells Varende when to go; Varende uses the slippers of spider climbing to go down the cliff face in the mostly dark night; he sees guards everywhere, but it is dark enough that they don’t see him; he approaches the guardhouse and lets loose a stroke of lightening. The roof is set on fire. The flash warns the hobgoblins to his presence, and they run at him. He starts to move away, and then drops one with a bolt. He runs for the scree slope and is stabbed repeatedly along the way. He tries the wand twice more but fails. Hobgoblins start to fire arrows at him. He retreats up the mountain; he is hurt badly, but alive. During the melee, someone rang the bell, but the dwarves did him in with a lucky shot or two as well as one other hobgoblin – go volley fire!
  • All but Traver go down the mountain with Iron Silenced armor for the dwarves and Keddick and Jack as backpacks; they see the flash of lightening, see the blaze and hear the bell for about 15 seconds before it stops; they look for the mine and enter it (casting more protective spells);
  • Keddick casts knock on the gate
  • As Malperder moves down the corridor, a sheet of flame cuts through it burning him and Jack; a hobgoblin appears (as though he was invisible) and runs off; everyone gives chase; the hobgoblin passes an opening on the left; as Malperder draws up to the opening, hobgoblin arrows rain out at him; he keeps moving; Jack steps beyond the opening and says “Let them come out.” Keddick Color Sprays into the room, thinks 3 of the 6 hobgoblins are stunned before Banic makes a sheet of rock appear over the doorway sealing them away. A second hobgoblin appears in front of Malperder and fries him with a scorching ray; the original hobgoblin throws a small sphere and mist billows out nearly blinding everyone; people move through slowly until they emerge and find another wall of mist further down the corridor; everyone agrees to run for it
  • Just as Banic is getting to the mine entrance, scree starts to rain down from above; he casts another stone shape to extend a “awning of stone 4×4 feet and 1’ thick; scree piles to the sides as hobgoblin arrows are launched at Banic; he moves forward and a battle begins; hobgoblins try to grapple Malperder but then give up and try to kill him; two rays of flame hit Keddick on the scree slope from a shaman among the hobgoblins; the same priest hits Banic, but Moradin’s hand protects Banic from the worst of the damage; more scuffling, the priest goes down from several attacks ending with Banic, and everyone runs as more hobgoblins approach; Keddick is shot with arrows repeatedly; just as Malperder and Keddick start up the cliff, Keddick takes two arrows that drop him to the ground; Malperder goes back for him, and between Banic and Malperder, Keddick is healed; Jack becomes the new target with his ring; he becomes a pincushion with over a dozen shafts in his back; Banic heals him and they proceed up the cliff face at half speed; they reach the top safely; Banic starts healing people with everything he has


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