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Tairn » 1532.4.11 to 1532.5.11 - Acclimation, Scouting, Ambushing and Dwarves

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1532.4.11 to 1532.5.11 - Acclimation, Scouting, Ambushing and Dwarves

Play date: September 26, 2006 

The three important events last night were: 

  • Varende went a scouting on Brathda by the light of the moon (1532.5.4)
  • He drew maps in the dirt at the cave so you could all see his concept of what he saw 

  • 10 beds are in the guardhouse 

  • The buildings are made of some sort of “clay/straw brick” with thick walls and heavily thatched roofs 

  • The doors on all three buildings were the same (open out, handle on left, no locks) 

  • Four Small windows let in some light and air on the guardhouse and each floor of Nygragg’s building 

  • Nygragg’s building had 2 above ground floors and a staircase down (perhaps to a basement) 

  • Marenil and Nygragg have sleeping chambers on the 2nd floor. Hers is to the east and his to the west 

  • Varende saw a guard near the door on the first floor
  • There is a large table on the first floor
  • A bell hands outside of the guardhouse and Nygragg’s home; the bells are large, made of iron perhaps, and tied to posts with thick spliced rope
  • A post between the buildings is apparently where Ash died
  • Only five of the guardhouse beds were occupied 

  • The guards seem to be in better armor (chain) that all but the apparent leader of the slain patrol 

  • Over 10 guards were moving around the area “on guard” 

  • The slave pen had lots (10s and 10s) of goblins in an outdoor palisade with no openings. 

  • A building breaks the palisade and Traver has said the human and dwarven slaves are kept inside 

  • Varende opened the door to see a hobgoblin standing up from a chair; he closed the door again 

  • The hobgoblin opened the door and peered around as V took off 

  • The party set up an ambush 

    • Traver went to lead a hunting party back and Del went with him 

    • An hour and a half or so later (telepathic bond gone), Del feels a rush of panic from Keddick; he starts to return leaving Traver 

    • A hobgoblin patrol similar to the one you had seen before sneaks up on the five of you and turn Keddick into a pincushion (4 arrows – 20 hp) in a surprise round followed by (3 arrows – 12 points) in the first round; 

    • Jack and Malperder ran towards the hobgoblins and they scattered 

    • They were standing in a long line when they fired at Keddick (presumably they knew to watch out for fireballs) 

    • Presumably they knew who was the source of the fireballs and tried to kill him 

    • About a minute and a half after the hobgoblins scatter, a horn sounds 

    • Banic blows his horn shortly thereafter in response hoping Traver will hear it and recognize the different tone 

    • The party runs away following the brilliant survivalist Malperder (who actually did quite well until the third roll [natural 1] and then recovered with top rolls after that) 

    • Banic heals fatigued people and as dusk comes on, Keddick creates a rope trick. 

    • Everyone collapses but Varende 

    • V hears T calling to him 

    • T leads all back to cave in the morning 

  • On 5.7, T leads all around to the north side of the river to wait for dwarves (hopefully) 

  • On 5.11 (the solstice – new moon tonight – Varende cannot see at all on this night), a company of 20 dwarves arrive led by Thorgar 

    • Thorgar demands Malperder’s lineage (Which of you is Malperder? Who is your father? What is your clan?); satisfied that Malperder is the sender of the request for help, Thorgar asks a few questions and recommends a frontal assault. 

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