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Tairn » 1532.4.6 - High Altitude

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December 2023
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1532.4.6 - High Altitude

Play date: September 20th, 2006


After driving away the hill giant in the morning, Traver started moving you to higher and higher altitudes. With the dwarven silver left behind, the scroll, cloak, and gold are tucked away. Your breathing becomes labored; fatigue and exhaustion set in. You stop for breaks every couple hours. Everyone falls into the rope trick gratefully to sleep the night away.


The day dawns brightly in the crisp summer spring mountain air. You are moving with the sun, and your breath comes hard as you travel. You are constantly trying to get enough oxygen, and your muscles feel lethargic. The dwarves fare better than Varende, Jack and Keddick, but even they subcome eventually. Everyone is happy to stop when Traver suggests it.


Moving with the sun, the group has travelled a bit over an hour when a hill giant is spotted a few hundred feet away. He has his back turned, and a small fire burns in front of him. Everyone starts backing away, but apparently something attracted his notice. He turns, sees you, and starts lobbing rocks (albeit poorly). Jack and Keddick are both fatigued already. Battle is joined, and the giant is soon defeated. However, he gives as good as he got, rocking Malperder and Banic with some hefty blows. He carries a small bag with a small vial (Conjuration - Healing), four gems including a high quality ruby, and 38 dwarven gold rods. The remainder of the day is uneventful.


With the dawning sun at your back, you head further west. The day is cloudy and overcast, and the dreary weather and thin air sap your strength. By noon, Varende, Jack and Banic are exhausted. Keddick and Malperder are fatigued. Everyone shrugs off their packs to rest in a circle. The war cries of orcs break the alpine silence and three groups rush at you. Keddick is struck by two javelins, and he hastes as many of his friends as he can. He blasts one of the three groups with a fireball, and three more javelins hit him. A brutish orc comes up behind Traver to begin chasing him. Keddick on the verge of unconsciousness, strikes out magically at one of the four fleeing orcs to kill him before falling down. He lays on the ground for 30 seconds before Banic heals him lightly to stop the bleeding. A minute or two later he heals more of the damage after searching some of the bodies.

magical dwarven axe (Malperder is carrying but not using)

Masterwork shortsd   

Masterwork dagger    

Jeweled dagger                   (jeweled hilt; small ruby; good quality – 50gp)

Silver pendant with Bloodstone: Dark gray with red flecks (150 gp)
Large gold earring – crude – 5gp
Silver ring (12gp) w/ inscription on inside in Cmn: “To Breeja, My Undying Love, Mark”
Sm Sharp knife (7 gp) w/ carved bone handle
Bone carving of a wolf (5 gp)

The masterwork dagger and shortsword are left behind as too heavy to carry. 

Everyone moves on a short distance exhausted, and then rests again. It begins raining in late afternoon, and Traver calls a stop to seek the shelter of the rope trick.



Rain is falling as Keddick studies spells for the day, but as the rope trick ends, so does the rain. Everyone trudges along. Traver promises that you should arrive at the cave today. Mid-morning, Jack, Varende and Keddick are all fatigued. The dwarves feel fine. Clearly you are starting to acclimate to the altitude some already. Two groups of hobgoblin archers pepper you with shafts. When the battle finishes, two have run. Keddick ran down the leader, and Jack attempted to run down the other, but Jack could not reach him. Keddick finished off the leader with magic missiles, depleteing the majority of his offensive magic for the day. Jack and Keddick find their way back. The last few hours of the journey are uneventful, and all arrive at Traver’s cave. He asks Banic to seal the mouth over with stone so it is even better hidden. All rest and talk of day spas, possibly scouting missions, and how much they miss food.



Traver recommends all stay in the cave while he hunts. He returns many hours later with enough food in the form of dead animals, a few spring berries of a kind you have never eaten, and some roots. He builds a small fire to cook meat outside of the cave, and he puts it out as soon as he is done.


You will all be acclimated to the air by 5.6

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