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December 2023
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1532.3.7 to 1532.4.6

Play date: September 12, 2006 

1532.3.7Banic starts stoneshapeing a hole towards the door at the bottom of the rubble filled staircase by using four spells to shore up the “roof.”


Banic stoneshapes downward 2 feet at a time (8 feet per day – Day 1).


The following day Jack sells some of the gems, hides the rest, and purchases 14 pearls.

Keddick studies.

Jack and Traver talk to Keddick.

Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 2).

1532.3.10Keddick scribes.

Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 3).

1532.3.11Leaving early, Jack, Keddick and Traver ride off towards Thandor together. They walk the last bit into Thandor and spend the night at The Fat Goose. Jack goes to leave a note for Erin with Ben, but Ben informs him that Erin has returned. Jack tells Erin whatever he wants to .

Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 4).
1532.3.12Leaving early, the trio ride Phantom steeds north and arrive in about an hour and a half with Traver leading with a little help from Jack and eventually Keddick when he feels Del. Back at the ruins by 8 bells or so. Varende, Banic and Malperder have all spent the night in the basement waiting for them to return. Banic has continued stoneshaping. Introductions between Traver and the dwarves are made. All 6 go thru. A single hellhound appears and is dispatched in a single round. Banic heals someone who gets burned. Keddick did not participate in the fight with no weapons and a desire to keep all his spell slots open for Identify. BAnic  stoneshapes with Malperder. Varende ferrys all into the treasure room. Keddick prepares all his spell slots for identify (all 1st, all 2nd, and uses pearl to recall Identify).

Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 5).


Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 6).

Keddick identifies more stuff. Everyone spends two hours dividing loot. The division was:

Erin gets  875 in scrolls.
Erin gets 1950 in potions.
Erin gets Wand of Enlarge
Erin gets 2500 in gems.

Unguent of Magic Weapon      
Scabbard of Keen Edges
875 crowns
   potion of CMW (300 crowns) (”party” treasure)

Dagger +1                    
Slipper of spider climbing   
Pouch of holding             
Ink & Mirror                 
   potion of CMW (300 crowns) (”party” treasure)
Parchment                     Keddick (no value)
Quills                        Keddick (no value)
    arcane  (25 crowns)
        Enlarge  (l1,  cl1)
    arcane  (150 crowns)
        Bull’s  Strength  (l2,  cl3)
    arcane  (25 crowns)
        Feather  Fall  (l1,  cl1)
875 crowns

Handaxe +1                   
Ring of Protection +1        
Quaal’s feather token x3     
Give to Malperder as part of his share of magical things/party treasure:
    potion  of  Draconic  Might  (1,200  crowns) – rampant dragon
    potion of CMW (300 crowns) (”party” treasure)
1550 crowns

Ring of Force Shield         
Gauntlets of Dexterity       
Spell Sight Spectacles       
Wand of Detect Mgc            Varende carries as party treasure
Wand of Light                 Varende carries as party treasure
Keep these and give to Varende as party treasure:
    potion  of  invisibility  (300  crowns) x2 – faint man
    potion of CMW (300 crowns) (”party” treasure)
875 crowns

Horn of Goodness              Banic
Scrolls - divine              Banic
Wand blanks                   Banic (no value)
   As party treasure:
    potion  of  wisdom  (300  crowns) x2 – picture of an owl
    potion  of  enlarge  (250  crowns) x2 – small man – arrow
    potion of neutralize poison (750 crowns) x2 - have Banic carry
    potion  of  lesser  restoration (300 crowns) – have Banic carry
1550 crowns

Keep until identified and then sell:
Unidentified — Keep as party treasure but value at 300 crowns each for Erin
    potion  – warrior & sword facing horde
    potion  – head of man and wolf –
    potion - D etched –
    potion - P etched –
(assumed to be in Keddick’s room)

Everyone spends the night.

Varende, Jack and Malperder heads back to Thistledown by boat via a walk to Thandor carrying the majority of the loot. They give Erin his share on the way through Thandor. He seems quite pleased. He asks about other things found.

Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Day 7).

1532.3.15 to 1532.3.17
Banic stoneshapes more in his hole (Days 8, 9 and 10).
Keddick shrinks furniture.

On the 17th, Traver, Keddick and Banic ride most of the way to Thistledown on Phantom Steeds and then finish the walk at dwarf speed getting in quite late.

Keddick studies a spell.
Late evening: Boat arrives from Thandor.
Malperder gets approval for a message to the Dwarven Kingdom begging help with the hobgoblins. He sends it via Feather Token – Bird.
Honorable priest,

My name is Malperder, son of Malrollo, of the Malahostia clan. Me and my cousin Banic the Simple, a priest of Moradin, have been traveling for the last few months for the greater glory of Moradin. Not long ago we were captured by a group of hobgoblins. while we were their captives we learned that the group that captured us was just a small patrol from a large Hobgoblin stronghold in a valley in the Scale Tooth mountains.
Their leader’s name is Nygragg and he was looking for dwarf slaves to work in his mines. Fortunately we were rescued by a group of human soldiers and adventurers. Bound by a debt of honor we have been helping this adventurers in their quests since then. But even though our quests took us far to the south Banic and I never forgot our debt with  Nygragg.

Today we learned that some of our friends  went into this valley to try to rescue an elf maiden who is apparently kept as Nygragg’s bride by means of some dark magic. Once there they discovered that there are about 400 hobgoblins and several slaves, 3 of them dwarves. Our friends tried to rescue the elf  but were caught by the patrols and had to run for their life. All but one managed to escape. The one who was captured was hung from a tree, tortured, and then burned alive.

Our group has promised to avenge the fallen comrade and to rescue the slaves, or at least die an honorable death trying. Our numbers are too small to try a frontal assault against Nygragg’s warriors, but maybe with the help from my brothers from the mountain we can finish Nygragg’s threat once and for all!. He cannot be allowed to settle in that valley and become more powerful than he already is.

I humbly request the help from my brothers in the faith to fight the evil of Nygragg. Please let the kingdom know about  our enslaved brothers and call for a crusade against  the  loathed hobgoblins!

We are planning on staying in the mountains close to the river for a while to allow our companions to get used to the mountains’ air before going to meet our foes. You will find us there around the 30th day of the summer . There is a map in the back of this message explaining were we will be.

May Moradin bless you.

Malperder Malahostia, son of Malrollo Malahostia.

Traver draws a map of the hobgoblin camp on the back. He writes some vague directions on the back as well.

Jack, Malperder and Varende sell a bunch of stuff.
Banic makes a wand telling Malperder to stay out of their room for the day and hanging a “do not disturb” sign on the door after buying some things around town.
Keddick scribes a spell into his book (feather fall).

By 10 bells, everyone is gathered and heading north. Traver drives everyone hard headed towards the abandoned hobgoblin outpost. Banic uses Moradin’s power to heal people when they tire.

Continue travel

Continue travel. Arrive at Outpost mid-morning. A brief look at the area (not inside), and everyone heads further into the hills.

About an hour after lunch, a large massive figure is seen 220 feet away. It appears to be a stone giant. He starts approaching at a casual pace. Everyone readies weapons. Keddick disappears. Then he makes himself fast. Then he prepares to haste the group and does. When the giant closes past 150 feet, Varende lets fly with an hour that sticks in the giants shoulder. Traver fires but the arrow bounces off the giant. As he approaches, he begins speaking and Jack responds. Jack asks everyone to relax repeatedly as he speaks with the giant named Crenic. Crenic reveals himself to be a traveler from the far north. He says he has seen or fought off orcs, bugbears, trolls, hill giants, and ogres while in these southern mountains. He seems friendly enough, but he is upset he was attacked. He plucks the arrow out. The dwarves continue to grumble about not killing the giant. Jack continues talking to him as the giant tries to light a fire. Jack whips out a tindertwig and lights the tinder for him. He pulls out a haunch of meat to cook. Jack and Keddick both eat a small piece of the wild pork. Jack tries to convince Crenic to travel with them, but Crenic says the hobgoblins are not his concern. After more parlay, the group moves on.

At night, just before full dark when Keddick planned to cast the rope trick, eight bugbears sneak up on the group and throw javelins. The bugbears get in some good blows, but eventually they are no real match for your mighty band. Banic heals everyone that is hurt, and everyone retreats to the rope trick.

The day is uneventful.

Early morning: Everyone piles out of the rope trick. Traver says bugbears were there in the night. Traver leads people further west along the river. Mid-morning, a giant is spotted fishing at the river’s edge one hundred yards away. The hill giant doesn’t seem to see or hear the group, and everyone sneaks away. The remainder of the day passes uneventfully.

Everyone enters the rope trick at 7pm except Jack who sits idly by the river enjoying the surroundings and slightly crisp air. A few hours later, a large rock lands next to him. Jack runs for the rope trick and shouts for the rope to be let down jarring all but Varende from sleep. Malperder starts armoring and yelling for someone else to let Jack up. Varende lets Jack climb up just as a large rock whistles past below jerking the rope hard as it passes. Jack took another near miss. Everyone sees a large pair of muscular giant legs moving around the area searching. After a few minutes they move off.

Keddick dismisses the rope trick. Everyone falls five feet to the ground. Almost everyone sees a large rock whistling towards them. It strikes Banic on the shield and might have knocked him down were it not for his steady Dwarven feet. Even so, his arm and shoulder are wrenched terribly and aching with pain. A hill giant stands by a pile of rocks 100 feet away. Everyone advances. After a tremendous effort from Malperder with his axe and a critical and an additional strike, Jack with his rapier and a critical strike, Banic with a hammer blow, Keddick with a fireball, and Varende and Traver with their bows, the hill giant withdraws. Perhaps he wanted to parlay? He runs, and everyone stops. Del goes winging after him, but returns a few minutes later. He says the giant kept moving. Everyone notices two huge sacks that he abandoned near the pile of stones. One is filled with a large quantity of fish that although a little ripe, Banic says he can magically purify to eat. There is also half of deer carcass. The other sack weighs about 25 pounds. It contains 92 tarnished Dwarven gold rods (ingots each worth 5 crowns by weight), 193 tarnished Dwarven silver rods (ingots each worth 5 princes), a tarnished brass tube that looks similar to the Dwarven gold rods but bigger, and a very dirty cloak of human size. Banic casts detect magic to look at the plunder. The rods are non-magical as expected, and the brass tube contains an aura as well as the cloak. Keddick casts detect magic and observes the cloak to have a faint illusion aura beneath the crusted dirt and snot of a hill giant. The brass tube has mixed auras, but the strongest is necromantic. Varende checks the tube for traps casually (take a 10) and finds none. Keddick opens it to find a scroll with three spells within (separate):
                Hypnotism                            (1st level arcane)
                Reduce Person                     (1st level arcane)
                Ghoul touch                          (2nd level arcane)
Keddick thinks he could sell the scroll for 200 crowns or so. The ghoul touch is the most expensive spell at 150 crowns (others are 25 crowns). The Dwarven rods total 66.5 crowns in silver (weighing 13.3 pounds) and 460 crowns in gold (weighing 9.2 pounds). The snotty cloak weighs one pound. It is currently early morning. Traver estimates 3 more days to his base camp.

As Banic and Malperder are packing up the goods to carry them for the group, Keddick tries slipping some of the Dwarven money into his pouch of coins.  The rods seem to fill the pouch as if it had a normal volume, piling on top of the coins already in it and filling it with only a handful of the heavy rods. Clearly the pouch doesn’t understand Dwarven rods as coins. Banic holds the cloak at arm’s length as he walks down to the river to rinse the worst of the filth from the cloth. Keddick notices him heading to the river and follows. Banic starts rinsing the cloth several times and wringing it out. Keddick tells him to hold it up, mumbles words of power, and the last of the filth and water is magically push away leaving a gray cloth cloak with a hood. Banic whirls it around his shoulders. The hem touches the ground as it sits about his wide frame with the hood lolling down his back. He doesn’t feel any different, look any different (other than wearing a gray cloak that it), or detect a subtle power urging him to kill his comrades. 

Banic wears the cloak throughout the morning. He tries to move quietly, but he still sounds like a small herd of elephants to everyone, even Jack. Banic, you don’t think it makes you any quieter, but it is difficult to hear your footsteps over the clank of armor and your labored breathing. Your ability to move as silent as a cat is so abysmal in your armor that everyone agrees you aren’t any more silent than you have ever been. 

You surreptitiously try to hide at lunch and wait to see when or if anyone notices you with the hood pulled up and the cloak wrapped completely around you to try to blend in with nearby rocks. You don’t have any sense of being better hidden. 

Eventually, everyone misses you. They look around with a “Where did Banic go?” You think Varende will notice you for sure, but his eyes slide right over you. Malperder, Jack and Keddick don’t even slow their gaze at your position. Traver looks up, points directly at you, and says: “He’s right there. The lumpy rock. There. I mean ‘by the lumpy rock.’” Everyone focuses on you, and asks what you are doing. 

(that whole scenario was generated with d20 Move Silently, Listen, Hide and Spot checks) 

Banic packs the cloak away for the remainder of the day. 



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