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Tairn » 1531.7.18 to 1531.7.19 - Wizard’s Keep North of Thandor - The Last Suit of Armor

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December 2023
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1531.7.18 to 1531.7.19 - Wizard’s Keep North of Thandor - The Last Suit of Armor

Play date: May 16, 2006

1531.7.18 – Morning
After taking a beating from the animated armor, Erin suggests that he and Traver return to Thandor with the armor in tow. He will leave the armor in a safe place, and purchase healing scrolls from a priest of Andreja he is on good terms with. Traver and Erin can make it their faster on their own than with the whole group. The group agrees that the healing costs will come off the top of the haul, and the remainder will be split as agreed. Ash gives him 12 queens to pay for a single scroll at 60 crowns each. Varendë helps move the armor out of the basement. Erin creates an invisible disk of force that supports the armor, mounts his dog and rides away with Traver moving along with him.

At lunch time, Ash, Keddick and Jack join Varendë in the basement for food. The four of them await the return of Traver and Erin.

Nearing dusk
As the light from above fades, everyone hears noises from above. Erin moves into the basement followed closely by Traver. Erin moves to Ash, puts on his glasses, and invokes the healing power of two scrolls. He does the same for Jack and uses a single spell on Keddick. He uses five scrolls in all with two expended earlier in the day. Traver was healed by a priest directly for a few of twelve queens.

Everyone discusses facing the expected magical devil dogs immediately. Ash is the major proponent of this plan, but Varendë’s arguments win out, and everyone beds down for the night. Traver uses the newly purchased bandages and healer’s kit to tend Ash (50 crowns). Ash agrees to carry the kit to relieve Traver of the extra weight. The night passes uneventfully.

Everyone awakes refreshed. Keddick questions Erin quantitatively on his ability to cast “bolts of energy” against the animated armor, but Erin evasively says “many” to Keddick’s dissatisfaction. Keddick presses on entreating Erin to answer his question. He says it affects what he studies this morning. Erin counters with “how many can you invoke?” and when Keddick replies “four”, Erin quips “only four?” Keddick then admits he could invoke seven such spells, but he feels it would be a waste of energy for the last three. Keddick presses on finally getting a final reply from Erin of “four.” Keddick ends the discussion with “I wasn’t going to kill you once you had exhausted your magic.”

Keddick spends half an hour studying his spell book.

Everyone moves into the sanctum room and spreads out. Erin climbs onto one of the work tables, and Keddick readies his crossbow by the doorway. The wizard appears, shouts of his wrath, and summons with candle and bag. Two dogs appear and react more quickly than anyone else in the party. Fire engulfs Ash, but he twists partially out of its path for minimal crispiness. Varendë swirls and dodges the gout of flame avoiding it completely. The dogs advance on Varendë and Ash. Varendë shouts for Jack to flank the dog. Varendë then studies the animal withholding his strike until Jack advances to distract the dog from the side opposite of Varendë. The both strike and a bolt aimed by Keddick goes awry. Traver shoots at the dog menacing Ash as Erin slips behind the dog to stab it, but his strike is ill-timed. Ash slides both of his swords through the evil-looking canine. The dog in front of Ash clamps his mighty jaws across Ash’s leg, and fire licks out between his jaws. Varendë moves to strike the dog, and Jack follows to flank for Varendë. The dog quickly falls to the onslaught of five men. Erin immediately tends Ash’s would and heals him with another two scrolls. Ash asks how many more he has. Erin replies “Three. I never thought we would need so many. I’ve used a total of ten now.”

The group proceeds to the pit. Erin takes up his spotting position on the ledge above the pit while everyone else climbs in. Traver jumps, catches the lip of the door, and pulls himself in. He blows his signal whistle, but the guard does not appear. He moves down the corridor, and then tumbles into the room. As he moves in, the remaining suit moves from his left to strike him. His sword whistles past Traver. Traver runs from the room and tumbles out. Everyone waits expectantly for the armor, but it does not appear at the doorway. Traver tries to jump up to catch the bottom of the doorway to pull himself up again, but he takes quite some time before he has success. His failures were either not jumping high enough to catch the bottom of the doorway, or failing to pull himself up once there. He finally enters. As he starts down the hall, the armor appears to slash at him again, but misses. The armor is five feet from the edge when Traver tumbles out. Erin and Keddick both hit him with bolts of energy before he disappears back into the gloom beyond. Traver takes some time again to reenter the room, attract the armor, and then tumble away again. Erin and Keddick finish off the armor. All hear an audible clang as the armor falls lifelessly to the stone floor. Erin confirms the armor has fallen. Moments later he slips down the rope.

Keddick, Varendë, Jack, Traver and Erin move into the room beyond. While Keddick examines the room for auras moving clockwise around the room, Erin investigates something at the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, Varendë performs a careful search of the walls Keddick passes by. As Keddick notes the chest that Erin and Jack are looking at has a moderate aura of transmutation, Varendë discovers the bookcase in the eastern part of the room has a latch on it to open it. He continues around the room as does Keddick. Keddick next notices twenty-five square feet of floor that has a strong aura of conjuration about it. It is some sort of creation. He borrows chalk to outline it, and he cautions all to avoid it. He continues his search to discover a table with a “lamp” on it made with a spell effect on a small metal ball hanging from a chain. A cover can be slid over the ball to dampen the light. He notices a book on the table apparently in archaic Tairn, but he cannot understand the title. Jack and Ash have moved the chest to the edge of the pit at Varendë’s direction. It is quite heavy. The three of them lower it to the pit floor below. Ash returns to the room above, and Varendë examines the chest. He thinks he notes a magical trap on the seal between the lid and body of the chest. He tries to disarm the trap, and he believes he is successful. He opens the lid of the chest to find two scroll cases, one bone and one wood, lying on top of silver bars. He takes the cases to Keddick while Ash starts unloading the bars. Ash finds gold bars under the silver bars. There are ten silver bars in all weighing five pounds each and five gold bars weighing 10 lbs each. Ash ferries them up the rope to pile with the armor he left above a little earlier. Varendë opens the bookcase door easily. Erin suggests he and Ash start moving the 40 some tomes from the bookcase out of the pit. As they start carrying them away, Erin and Traver creep down the exposed hall that curves to the left. They find a semi-hidden door with a small lever sticking out of it. Traver triggers the lever before Erin can stop him. The door pops away from them and stops when barely six inches open. The passage beyond seems to be a stair ascending to the right with wide treads, but the door is blocked by rubble.

Keddick attempts to take the “lamp” but find the metal rod is attached to the table.

A discussion of what to do next ensues with Ash reminding everyone that he and Traver are on a schedule to head north to meet Jerim. Eventually, Keddick convinces all but Varendë to stay close at hand while he attempts a maneuver to get past the guardian in the area beyond the pit. Everyone discusses this for nearly an hour.

Keddick casts a spell on himself and moves quickly past the caltrops to the right, rounds the corner and casts rope trick on a ten foot rope. Just as he is about to shimmy up the rope, the guardian appears around the corner to the south and spies him. Keddick climbs the rope and pulls it up. The creature advances, but it stops below where Keddick disappeared. Jack steps across the threshold as the alarm stops, grabs half a dozen caltrops, and then moves back and forth across the threshold again in an attempt to attract the guardian. He waits cautiously, but he still doesn’t see it appear. He creeps up to the corner to peer around looking for the guardian. The guardian spots him, advances, and lands a crushing blow on Jack’s chest with one of his fists. Jack tumbles away and moves into the hall. The creature follows but stops at the archway. After another ten seconds, he returns to the area where Keddick disappeared and continues his search. Keddick bides his time. Someone else triggers the alarm, but immediately returns to the hall. Ash suggests Erin ready some magic to harm the creature. Erin says he is happy to attack him from the safety of men-at-arms in front of him, but he has no intention of entering the hall to be clubbed to death. He sees the monstrous bruise on Jack’s chest that Varendë is examining for broken bones. After another minute, the creature moves back south. Keddick stands his ground and another 30 seconds or so before climbing down to scamper back to the safety of the hallway.

Condition summary:
Erin, Keddick, Traver and Varendë bear mere scratches at most.
Jack is half dead from the blow to his chest.
Ash’s leg still has blistered skin around his leg from the dog bite, but he is mostly fine.

Approximate time: Morning (8 bells?)

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