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1531.6.11 (Loemda)

1531.6.11 (Loemda) - Early Evening

Play date: Mar 28, 2006

The spider is dead. The eastern and western walls of this room are covered with 2×2 foot stone “caps” that protrude from the wall and inch or so. Each has some unknown script on it with runes similar to the ones you have seen here. There are 4 groups of caps on each wall with each group being 6 high and 4 wide. The caps are spaced 8 inches or so apart.

Varendë begins searching the northern wall after Keddick uses the lodestone to discern the location of the book is in that direction. Meanwhile, Ash searches the eastern wall and then the northern half of the western wall. After careful searching, Ash comes up with nothing, but Varendë discover a small square of stone that does not look like the rest of the stone. Jack pushes it and a six foot tall, four foot wide section of wall in the center of the northern wall opens just a little. Ash pushes it open and enters the room beyond.

A sarcophagus similar to those above is centered in the room, but the figure is androgynous. Looking high above, a foot of white stone can be seen piercing the ceiling just above the sarcophagus. The walls are lined with stone bookcases, all covered with the dust of books long since decayed. A few books still hold together, but most notably, a single book stands out on the northeast shelf as largely untouched by the ravages of time and water. Next to the sarcophagus stands an intricately carved reliquary inlaid with some tarnished metal. It sits on a metal stand, and measures a foot and a half deep, two and a half feet long, and fourteen inches tall.

On the northern wall is a semi-circular alcove four feet across. Within lies a longsword buried in the stone of the floor. Carvings of ivy and flowers cover the entrance to the alcove. On the arch above the door, there are some runes in an unknown language, but it is reminiscent of the rune you saw in the hexagon above.

Keddick moves to inspect the book on the shelf, while Ash stands with swords ready. Varendë searches the sarcophagus for a mechanism similar to the one found on the other two, but he finds nothing. Traver systematically searches the bookshelves except the section where Keddick is standing inspecting the book.

Traver grabs the hilt of the sword, feels an electric charge building and releases the weapon. Crackling blue energy briefly wreathes the hilt and blade.

Varendë searches the reliquary and discovers a keyhole similar to the one on the door one floor up, but it is quite a bit smaller. He thinks he detects something different in the keyhole though that might be a trap. He also discovers a sliding panel on the back of the reliquary.

Keddick asks Varendë to check the book for obvious traps. Varendë finds none. He returns to the reliquary and opens the hidden compartment to reveal a hidden drawer. The drawer contains a small pouch, an eight inch long stick, a vial of viscous liquid with a blue tinge, and a white stone scroll case.

Keddick takes another reading with the lodestone, and it points to the reliquary. He moves, takes another reading, and it still points at the reliquary. With Ash’s help, he lifts the reliquary off the stand and carries it to the southwest corner of the room. He takes another reading and gets the same result. Ash and Keddick estimate the reliquary weighs about forty pounds, but its size makes it a little awkward to carry for a single person. The reliquary is carried into the “spider room.” Keddick removes the book from the shelf. The tome weighs about eight pounds. Behind it are another white stone scroll case, and a small pint flask of white stone. These three items were standing in front of a square protrusion on the wall. Varendë searches it, and decides it is safe to push. When pressed in with considerable force, the sarcophagus moves slightly west.

Ash and Jack push the sarcophagus west to reveal a hole in the floor four feet deep and three feet wide. Ash jumps down into the hall to find a passage headed west that begins to slope down sharply after 10 feet. The walls are damp, and a musty smell pervades the air. The passage is slick. Ash, Jack and Traver head 100 feet down the passage to discover that it continues descending out of sight.

Meanwhile, Varendë has discovered the small pouch holds four pearls.

They return to the sarcophagus chamber, and after some discussion, they decide to head back to Kerdra and the bridge with the reliquary. Ash lugs it up the extremely steep narrow stairs one step at a time while everyone else proceeds up carefully. All then move up the main stair, Ash again moving carefully one step at a time with the reliquary.

The main floor is almost completely dark. Light no longer streams in through the windows. Traver leads to the front door, but as he is about to go through it, he notices insubstantial forms moving about in the darkness outside. After some deliberation, the group decides to leave the “ghosts” behind and retreat to the lowest room to spend the night.

They shut the door, and Keddick prepares to sleep while Varendë rests. Traver lies down as well. The three of them try to make themselves as comfortable as possible in uncomfortable conditions.

Ash and Jack investigate the sword again. They place a looped rope around the sword and Ash attempts to pull it out. Crackling blue energy shoots into him, but he holds on for two rounds pulling before he is forced to let go by the pain. He tries again with similar results, the sword not moving. Ash then places two small sacks over the hilt hoping to insulate him somehow and tries again. The pain is worse, and eventually he releases the weapon. Jack decides to try, the blue energy crackles into him, and he releases the weapon. With grim determination, he tries once more and is able to withstand the pain long enough to wrench the weapon free. Pleased with themselves, Jack attempts to sleep and Ash stays on watch.

1531.6.12 (Brathda) - Morning
Varendë trances. When he finishes, Ash wakes Traver to watch, and then begins his trance. The hours pass, and Ash comes out of his trance. Traver feels he can go on even with a sleep deficit, and Jack wakes fifteen minutes later. Half an hour after that, Keddick wakes. He examines the two scroll cases, and with the help of a spell, discerns the contents of each are necromantic. One seems to be for preserving a body, and the other repels undead. Keddick spends an hour preparing spells. He appraises the pearls (500 gold crowns, 200 crowns, 200 crowns, and 50 crowns), tastes the blue liquid with no result, and tastes the contents of the white stone flask to discover the taste of water, but no other results.

Jack notices the vial of blue liquid and announces he found a similar vial some time ago in an ancient ruin. He doesn’t know what it is though.

At the end of it, he spends time examining the objects discovered in the room as well as looking around the room in attempt to discover magical auras.

He finds:
- The largest pearl of the four, estimated to be worth 500 gold crowns, is magical with a strong transmutation aura. The other three were appraised at 50 crowns, 200 crowns, and 200 crowns.

- The white stone flash has a moderate transmutation aura.

- The reliquary has a VERY dim transmutation aura.

- The “wand” has a moderate conjuration aura with the healing sub-school.

- The blue tinged liquid has a faint transmutation aura.

- The longsword has a moderate aura.

- The white stone buckler has no aura

Keddick then notices that the figure on the sarcophagus has two auras: one emanates from a ring on his right hand and the other from a brooch that holds his cloak. Both seem to be carved with the rest of the figure, but Varendë discovers they can be removed.

Everyone decides to leave the reliquary here with the door closed and head down the subterranean passage. As the group descends, the slick floor claims Keddick after a few hundred feet. No one is quick enough to grab him. He slides fifteen feet down the passage before stopping himself, but he is otherwise uninjured.

After a few minutes of walking, the floor levels out into a landing and turns north. The grade of the northern passage is not nearly so steep, and no one has a problem navigating it. The group descends for around ten minutes. The passage is essentially featureless, but was apparently mined with tools of some sort. The passage flattens out and a few more minutes of travel reveals a break in the wall where a natural cavern fissure intersects the man-made tunnel. Peering down the tunnel shows twenty feet or so of five foot wide natural cavern. The group chooses to continue on in the tunnel. Less than a minute later, they elves see the base of a staircase. The treads are wide and not too steep. Everyone ascends, and with much huffing and puffing, arrives some time later at a small landing four feet tall with a three foot diameter round stone cover at the top. Ash and Jack heave and with a great deal of effort rip roots and vegetation loose to rain dirt at their feet. Ash stands and looks after tossing the cover to the side. His head is just above ground level, and he can’t tell where he is. Traver estimates that they are well outside the edge of the city. The sun is shining. Everyone decides to return and bring the reliquary out.

On the way back, Jack, Ash, and Traver decide to do a brief recon of the natural cavern passage. They walk through some wider parts, some narrowed parts, find one dead-end and eventually decide to retreat when a group of large centipedes moves towards them from the area where they had found a dead-end. Ash sees them and shouts while drawing his swords. Traver and Jack both yell that they are poisonous. Ash moves back towards the main passage with swords drawn. The centipedes move up and two attack Traver, but both miss. Traver withdraws down the passage, and Jack moves after him leaving the centipedes behind. Ash yells to Keddick and Varendë to get moving because some large centipedes are right behind them.

We finished at what Ash estimates is mid-morning.

Condition Summary
The night of rest restored some of Varendë’s strength and allowed some of his wounds to heal, but he is still badly hurt and feels a little weak. Ash can still feel the effects of grasping the sword and being shocked as can Jack. Traver and Keddick are unhurt.

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