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Tairn » What Happened to Keddick - Return to the Cave in the North

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October 2023
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What Happened to Keddick - Return to the Cave in the North

1533.2.20 to 1533.3.1
Magister Adrone sent your companions off to Caertan. Meanwhile, he sent you to lead the way with High Priest Calum, Priestess Gwynneth, Right Hand Andre and Hand Cara to the cave in the north. You led them without incident through the stinking cave, through the doors, into the floor, along the hall, through the plane of fire and down to the entrance to the circular tomb. The four of them entered the portal and tomb chamber without harm. With some reluctance, you finally braved the pain and entered. Gwynneth signed “tsk tsk” and healed you with a little reluctance. They all studied the bier for a bit and then listened again to your description of what happened to you when you touched it. Calum cast a few spells of protection on Cara before she stepped forward and touched the bier. She slumped to the ground as you had seen Jack do. She was lifted gently away in Andre’s arms and laid on the floor. After two minutes, she started breathing again but remained unconscious. Andre bowed his head to Calum and said “With Her Blessings, High Priest, I will try.” Andre steps forward, touches the bier, and slumps to the floor. You, Calum and Gwynneth move him away from the bier and wait. After a few minutes, he gasps, opens his eyes, and before your eyes you see his shield transform into the one on the body on the bier. Glancing at the body you see his shield with the Staff of Andreja now sits beside the body of the tall woman and she is smiling in repose. He steps towards the bier and gently rolls her body on to one side. He reaches under her and places his hand on the top of the bier. The entire bier fades away showing steps leading down into a gently glowing hall. Andre gathers Cara in his arms, cautions everyone to follow him quickly, and steps down the stairs.

Below is a short wide hallway leading to tall twenty-five foot high double doors carved with with four figures. Calum, Gwynneth, and Andre all gasp as their eyes alight on the figure of a woman dressed in flowing robes and carrying a staff with a bit of greenery on one end. “Praise Be! Even in this ancient place, She lives!” An bearded, armored man wielding a mace and holding a large shield emblazoned with a balance and book; a woman with what appears to be seaweed in her hair and flowing robes; and a man with close cropped bear, tower shield, sheather greatsword and javelins in half plate armor also adorn the door. Andre gently sets down Cara and pushes on the huge doors. They swing in ponderously to reveal a huge room. No ambient light is within with the exception of a faint glimmer directly in front of you some eighty feet away as if light off water. After a brief exploration: the temple is one hundred sixty feet on a side with no other exits. In each corner of the temple are huge statues seated in thrones. The gods if standing would be twenty two feet tall. Each of the statues has a stone brazier filled with age-old ashes and a stone offering bowl filled with dust. The ceiling is domed reaching an apex of 30 feet in the center of the room. Emanating from the base of each statue is a ribbon of silver six inches wide leading towards the center of the room to a well ten feet across and filled with a shimmering silvery liquid similar to mercury. Cara is placed by the pool and the other three go to pray at the feet of Andreja. Keddick stands by the Well gazing into it besides the body of Cara. He casts detect magic and studies the Well. He sees an overwhelming aura of Conjuration with underlying Divination auras. His mind drifts to his family as he stares into the pool and suddenly a vision of his father appears at his home by the sea. It seems much the same as scrying to him, but he realizes the “bubble” of vision is wider. He watches intently and after ten minutes or so the vision he fades. He attempts to call it back, but nothing happens. Eventually, the others come back and listen to his story of the Well. Andre steps forward and peers into the Well. The pool reveals a vision of the interior of the Temple of Andreja. No one is presently within the field of vision. Everyone can see the same thing. Andre smiles and says “Trust me. I know what to do. Milayuh has shown me. Gwynneth, step into the Well.” Gwynneth steps over the low wall of the Well and into the vision of the Temple. She beckons with her arm and says “Yes. Come. I am in the Temple of the Goddess.” Calum offers a hand to Keddick who steps into the Well and appears in the Temple also. Then Calum appears, and finally, Andre appears carrying Cara.

Calum says “Hmm. This is most interesting. I must tell Adrone immediately. Thank you for your help Keddick.”

Everyone disperses.

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