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Tairn » 1533.2.20 - Killing Kohari

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October 2023
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1533.2.20 - Killing Kohari

Play dates: 9/8/09 & 0/15/09

1533.2.20 to 1533.2.21

Water Elemental

Air Elemental

Jack falls below

Malperder falls below dropped by the elemental

Jack talks to a Hill Giant named Kern that eventually pledges himself to help the group if they will get him out of the hole. He tells that he fell in the pit while battling with the air elemental. He fell unconscious. Another hill giant and some orcs are also in the pit but very dead.

Banic uses a Zone of Truth to make sure the giant is telling the truth.

Everyone gets out of the pit and continues down the hall and down some stairs to a large room. The far wall has a door set in an arch with some dragon heads carved around it. As someone approaches they pull back as their foot fails to contact the floor. An illusory floor cuts across the room.

Spindly legged creatures float up out of the floor and fix their gaze upon the party. People are paralyzed. Eventually one moves up and sucks blood from someone. Kern runs and grapples one and then falls through the floor.

Once the creatures are dead, Varende walks across a small path of stone that isn’t illusory. He reachs the door and touches the carved Bahamut at the top. It flashes briefly, the temperature drops and a bolt of electricty arches out of a carving of Tiamat shocking Varende for a few points of damage. A golden mist comes from Bahamut and heals him a bit. He then touchess dragons in turn as arranged in the great hall and a rumbling can be heard of stone on stone. A huge piece of wall is moving below in the pit revealing thirty feet of hall and a passage leading to the right.

The passage has a hand print carved on the wall and Varende feels a tingle of magical energy as he touches it searching for traps. Everyone proceeds down the hall. One hundred feet down the walls change to a shadowy substance. As the party moves past this barrier, two shadows detach themselves from the wall and attack Serk, Malperder and Jack. During the fight, Varende hears grating of stone on stone from behind and moves back towards the end of the passage. Too late! The stone has moved enough to cover the five foot opening of the passage. The shadows are dispatched and within thirty seconds the stone has moved back to its original position leaving an opening behind it. Voices speaking in Giant can be heard coming from the passage. Two hill giants step into view and a battle begins. Eventually the resplendent hill giant seen wielding magic at the battle of Caertan steps out and tells everyone they can go loot the tomb. He is attacked nonetheless. The two hill giants fall relatively easily but Kohari retreats through some double doors into a huge chamber with two sarcophgi, six statues similar to the ones in the elemental hall, and six large chests. He disappears from site. He is now invisible and drains life from Jack. People try to get a bead on him but have difficulty. He kills Kordis and drops Serk before becoming visible again. Banic falls as Malperder, Jack and Varende finish him off.

Banic is gone. Kordis is dead. Malperder lays out his cousin.

Serk is brought back from the edge of death.

The chests are opened revealing piles of gold. Eventually people start putting it into bags of holding and handy haversacks. The sacks never fill up and the gold seems to have disappered into the alternate dimension of the storage packs.

The body of Kohari is searched. He wears the Crown of Cormon, carries a wicked hammer, has a ring and a cloak, and a sphere of glass that are all magical.

Malperder sends a message to The Temple of Andreja asking for someone to come save them.

The party seals the doors and rests throughout the night.

Come late the next day, no one has come to help. They decide to help themselves. They take the valuables and head back towards the shadowy hall. Varende places his hand on the print and will the device to activate. The stone grates slowly by. Back through the halls, all is well. Back at the door guarded by the ghost, everyone finds the door sealed from the other side. Varende has tried on the crown (and took four negative levels). It gave him now ability to understand this place, but he felt stronger, faster, smarter, wiser, etc. Suddenly Magister Adrone appears. He says they have been trying to scry them since the message was received but they were in some way hidden. He teleports everyone home.

Arch Magister Adrone teleports the four of you away from Caertan to what he says is a room below the Magisters’ Tower on the Wizards’ Isles. With some degree of coaxing (Varende decides), Varende relinquishes the crown to King William who arrives with Brens. Adrone offers to examine the other things you took from Kohari and with little difficulty is able to tell you that the items are:

1. Ring of Protection +3 – the inscriptions on the inside of the band of metal are very old (12,000)
2. Cloak of Resistance +3 – it seems to resize to its owner (4,500)
3. Orb of Storms (30,000)
4. Hammer of Thunder and Lightning (16,500)

Magister Adrone offers to purchase the items from you for the values in parentheses above. For all 4 items, you would get 63,000 crowns. After confirming with Malperder that Banic still wishes to be returned to life, he says he will make the preparations. He accepts the goods of both Banic and Kordis into his keeping including Kordis’ finger. Adrone and William thank you all for retrieving the Crown and destroying Kohari. An army will march on Caertan soon to drive the leaderless giants away.

<Banic will be dead for a little more than another month and Kordis even longer, so Malperder can speak for Banic in division of spoils and Adrone speak for Kordis wishing only that his foreign Magister be rewarded with a reasonable share of money for his participation>

King William promises an additional reward of 5000 crowns to each of you for your heroism, but he laments that he cannot give you the money just yet. It may well be the end of the year before he can provide the funds.

You each have 10,500 crowns available if you sell all of Kohari’s equipment and a promise of 5000 crowns from the Crown at the end of the year. Let me know if anyone wants to keep something from the things found. Andrew, you can speak for Banic through Malperder’s tongue since he knows you so well.

Orb of Storms
This glass sphere is 8 inches in diameter. The possessor can call forth all manner of weather, even supernaturally destructive storms. Once per day she can call upon the orb to use a control weather spell, Once per month, she can conjure a storm of vengeance. The possessor of the orb is continually protected by an endure elements effect.

Kohari’s Hammer (Rod of Thunder and Lightning – modified)

+2 warhammer inscribed with lighting bolts with other magical powers as follows:
• Thunder: Once per day, the warhammer can strike as a +3 warhammer, and the opponent struck is stunned from the noise of the rod’s impact (Fortitude DC 16 negates). Activating this power counts as a free action, and it works if the wielder strikes an opponent within 1 round.
• Lightning: Once per day, when the wielder desires, a short spark of electricity can leap forth when the warhammer strikes an opponent to deal the normal damage for a +2 warhammer and an extra 2d6 points of electricity damage. Even when the rod might not score a normal hit in combat, if the roll was good enough to count as a successful melee touch attack hit, then the 2d6 points of electricity damage still applies. The wielder activates this power as a free action, and it works if he strikes an opponent within 1 round.
• Thunderclap: Once per day as a standard action, the wielder can cause the warhammer to give out a deafening noise, just as a shout spell (Fortitude DC 16 partial, 2d6 points of sonic damage, target deafened for 2d6 rounds).
• Lightning Stroke: Once per day as a standard action, the wielder can cause the warhammer to shoot out a 5-foot-wide lightning bolt (9d6 points of electricity damage, Reflex DC 16 half) to a range of 200 feet.
• Thunder and Lightning: Once per week as a standard action, the wielder of the warhammer can combine the thunderclap described above with a lightning bolt, as in the lightning stroke. The thunderclap affects all within 10 feet of the bolt. The lightning stroke deals 9d6 points of electricity damage (count rolls of 1 or 2 as rolls of 3, for a range of 27 to 54 points), and the thunderclap deals 2d6 points of sonic damage. A single DC 16 Reflex save applies for both effects.

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