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Tairn » 1533.2.5 to 1533.2.7 - The Fall of Caertan

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October 2023
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1533.2.5 to 1533.2.7 - The Fall of Caertan

Play dates: 6/23/09 & 6/30/09
1533.2.5 - Dusk

As the last of the sunlight fades, Keddick springs into action. He goes to Monwyn and demands a copy of the indictment against Dorian. Gregor seems sympathetic or at least not hostile, but Monwyn is angered and cast Detect Evil at Keddick. Keddick is outraged and says so but allows the examination. Monwyn studies him and then calls some Hands in. He takes the hobgoblin fetish Keddick has been wearing for over a year and smashes it with a hammer. He says the fetish was evil and wonders if Keddick was under some dark enchantment thus explaining his recent behavior questioning Monwyn. He finally jots down fifty words or so swearing against Dorian, Kel and Pelin and says he can provide the evidence again if necessary since the majority came from his companions. Keddick asks Gregor about magical inks and is steered to the house of the local guild representative. He and Jack find a dead wizard called Macon Shuns, the guild representative, dead in his home when Keddick goes there to try to buy magical inks for scribing a scroll. He and Jack search around the house and Keddick appropriates a small supply of ink for his own use. Clearly Macon won’t be using it. The remains of Macon’s potions lab lie in shambles as if it has been intentionally smashed. Jack finds a case of unbroken potion vials all etched with M.P. Shuns. More evidence against Dorian and her cohorts; she was in possession of 11 vials labeled M.P. Shuns. Keddick and Jack find Magistrate Orin has fled the city to all appearances; surely the Magistrate will not be giving Keddick the demanded assessment of the city’s population’s desire to stay or go. Keddick studies a piece of alley 200 feet from Southgate for easy teleportation. Keddick identifies the potions Dorian had on her but is not allowed to take them. Monwyn keeps them and a clergy labels them according to what Keddick says. They are all first level effects including several endure elements, a mage armor, and a few others.  Keddick asks Serk, Jack and Varende to come with him to Lysoria in the morning. He promises to be back before nightfall. Varende refuses on the grounds that someone useful might be brought back. 

1533.2.6 - Dawn
Keddick studies a few spells. Meanwhile, others notice the snow has stopped falling, it is noticeably warmer outside, and piles of snow in the streets are starting to melt. Keddick finds everyone in the common room and teleports away with Jack and Serk. The Welcome Guest seems at about half capacity. Many have fled in the past 18 hours. The three appear in The Lucky Silver and strike out for the palace. Back in Caertan, Monwyn assigns the dwarves and Varende to watch at Southgate as they will. Many are on the wall. A system of bells is but in place between Southgate and the deeper bell at the Temple. Three clangs for the enemy is sighted. Repeated clanging at Southgate to mean the wall is breached. Repeated clanging at the Temple to mean retreat to the Temple.

Back in Lysoria
After some time, Keddick, Serk and Jack get to see King William. He is dressed for battle. Others are in the room. Keddick explains the situation, asks about the area south of Malverin, and asks for someone to return with them. King William sends someone to muster an army to move to Caertan. After conversing with a man there, he says Andre will return with them. Monwyn is a good tactician, but he will be in good stead with Andre over him. Andre suggests they go now and King William wishes good speed. Keddick declines and says they must go to Malverin. King William says he won’t command him in this, but thinks he should return to Caertan now. Andre declines the trip to Malverin. Keddick, Serk and Jack return to The Lucky Silver and get some equipment of Keddick’s before going to Malverin. They wander southwest of the city and see a large wood. They follow its edge east until it turns south. They comb through the woods for hours finding nothing (lots of failed spot checks). At about 4:30 in the afternoon they return to the Palace and discover Andre is nowhere to be found. They discuss going to the Temple of Andreja, but decide to teleport to Caertan instead.

Ogres in the Afternoon
Meanwhile, back in Caertan, early in the afternoon a small group of farmer’s is spotted being harried by three ogres and eight orcs. The farmers are running for Southgate but look exhausted. The ogres and orcs seem to be playing with them. It appears they could easily take them. Monwyn and Gregor come to the wall and organize a group to move outside the wall. They meet the ogres about six hundred feet from the wall with Banic and Malperder trailing behind. As they come close to engage, four of the farmers are shot down by the orcs blinking in the bright light. The ogres are dispatched without too much trouble, but Monwyn and Gregor both are wounded. The orcs flee but are run down by six Hands under Monwyn’s command. Everyone returns to Southgate. Two farmers made it in alive. The other four were very dead.

Back in Caertan
At dusk Keddick, Serk and Jack come to the wall. About an hour after dusk, clouds suddenly gather blocking out what little moonlight there was (a waning crescent). Twelve hill giants appear from the dark and toss the little giants onto the wall. The little giants attempt to make it into the gatehouse and raise the portcullis, but they are successfully destroyed. The wall guards were little match for them, and Southgate would surely be open to a flood of giants without the efforts of the heroes. The bell has been rung by a soldier alerting the Temple to the enemy. Rocks killed a few militia flying at the torchlit men on the wall including two rocks hitting Keddick before he became invisible. Keddick alerted the gatehouse to the giants in the street who start running fast north towards The Welcome Guest. Keddick uses his second Haste on all but Jack and Varende, and everyone gives chase. Serk catches up to them and the one in the rear turns on him with a savage blow. They move to engage Serk while Keddick stands by invisible. Malperder drinks a potion of Draconic might and Varende fires arrows. Serk is close to death. Keddick shoots a color spray at the giants making himself visible. He then tries to move back and too giant clubs slam his lifeless body to the street. Banic is too far away to help him. An arrow from Varende finishes the giant in front of Serk and Malperder and Jack arrive to help dispatch the other. Both lie dead in the street and Serk is fatigued from his rage. He is near dead and Banic heals him partially. All but Serk race back to the gate to find only darkness and blood. Serk carries Keddick’s body to The Temple for safe-keeping. Gwyn, favored of Andreja, heals him and he returns to the wall. Word is received that Eastgate and Westgate are breached by ogres, but the gates still hold. Monwyn gives Serk a bell code for Eastgate and Westgate are under heavy attack.

Demands and Six Human Missiles
After an hour or so, six hill giants emerge from the darkness each holding a struggling human. The voice from the darkness commands again that the city should be given over. Anyone who wishes to can leave now by the main gate and they will be allowed to leave. He counts from ten down and then says “Do it!” in Giant. The six hill giants hurl the humans against the front wall of Caertan smashing them to death and retreating to the darkness. The night is quiet again.

Thunderbolts & Lightning
People attempt to sleep here and there. At about three bells, a rain of hours falls on the wall. Hundreds of shafts fall. Again, another rain of shafts. Suddenly, a dark, ominous cloud gathers low over the city dancing with lighting. Deafening thunder claps deafen all of the group and almost everyone on the wall. Varende draws his wand of light and attempts to enchant a rock. A deluge of rain falls burning everyone’s skin with acid. Varende causes the rock to glow with light and throws it out in front of the gate. No figures are visible. They must be more than 120 feet back. Malperder and a few others throw torches to better light the area in front of the wall. Someone is sent to warn Monwyn. Lightning smashes down on a section of wall sixty feet west of Southgate turning it to rubble and the vibrations are felt by all. Jack starts ringing the bell. Serk runs into the gatehouse. Hail falls from the sky killing all the militia and hurting all save Serk safe inside the gatehouse. Serk goes to the bell but leaves once he sees Jack is handling it. Serk opens the door as the dwarves move into position. A downpour of rain and gusting winds obscures all vision. It continues for a bit over 30 seconds. There is no visibility. Varende launches a rock of light into the distance and can see a seething mass of ogres waiting in front of the breech just before the rain obscures his vision. As the rain abates, he sees the ogres run forward. Jack rings the bell for one more round and is tapped on the shoulder by a man who he is just able to make out by reading his lips that he is to retreat to The Temple. The word spreads along to the other members of the group with Malperder getting the word last. He jumps down into the street and falls flat hurting his legs. He stands as to ogres rush the gap and exchange some momentary blows before the thatched roof collapses beneath them. Everyone flees for the keep as ogres flood through the gap. The humans and elf make the Keep quickly, and the dwarves sneak through the streets to eventually arrive seven or eight minutes later. Banic casts Panacea on Malperder to remove his deafness, and then casts telepathic bond with his cousin. They relate the events to Monwyn. The courtyard, refectory and Temple are crowded with people. Monwyn says they have about 140 fighting men and perhaps a similar number of non-combatants.  After another 20 minutes or so the deafness abates for everyone.

1533.2.7 - Nervous in the Keep - What Help May Come
People try to rest. At about 4:30, a mass of milling giant flesh can be seen gathering outside the Keep. People on the wall look nervous.
A bit later, four men pop into existing near the wall. All but Serk recognize Brens, Magister of the Mage’s Guild and High Evoker. Serk and Jack recognize Andre, the man who had agreed to return with them. Monwyn is summoned, speaks with Andre, and Gregor speaks with the man in the vestments and armor of Andreja. The last man is dressed in regalia of the wizard’s guild. He has a commanding presence and asks where Keddick Tzabel is. He is given the news of his demise. The five of you are called over and introduced briefly to Arch Magister Adrone, head of the Wizard’s Guild; High Priest Calum, head of the Temple of Andreja; Right Hand Andre of the Temple of Andreja; and Magister Brens, High Evoker of the Wizard’s Guild.

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