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Tairn » 1533.2.3 to 1533.2.5 - Dorian in Caertan?!?

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October 2023
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1533.2.3 to 1533.2.5 - Dorian in Caertan?!?

Play date: June 9th, 2009 

1533.2.3 – About 6 bells
Keddick surreptitiously teleports from a store room in Caertan to his room in The Lucky Silver. He heads right for The Long Road to find everyone. He relays a story of an associate of Dorian’s seen in The Welcome Guest. The man followed him and then drew a greatsword when Keddick approached him in the street. The man’s name is Kel according to Marc, the owner of The Welcome Guest. Kel and 3 others arrived in Caertan right before the blizzards began. They are staying at The Welcome Guest. Everyone agrees to go to Caertan. Varende has requested research into the symbol he saw on the woman’s chest from The Order of Darius. He says he would like to get the results tomorrow evening before leaving for Caertan.

1533.2.4 – About 9 bells
Keddick teleports Banic, Malperder and Jack to Caertan in the morning as well as heaps of supplies he hopes will get them a place to stay including the beer from the Order of Camin divided into two half barrels. (Party expenditure: 100 crowns on food to take to Caertan) Keddick goes into The Welcome Guest by himself. Marc sees him, comes over and punches him in the face yelling something about him killing Jason, “what have you done with him?” etc; he calms down a little but blames Keddick for the boys disappearance that coincides with Keddick saying he was going to keep Marc in the dark and then going into a storage area and teleporting back to Lysoria. Keddick asks if they can stay there and Marc tells him “Hell no! Get out!” Keddick leaves intending to ride a Phantom Horse back to Thistledown and teleport back with Varende. Keddick leaves by the south gate (only choice) and gives a false name “John Doe.” The guards have him sign the log book. Keddick heads a long way out of town hoping to be secluded from sight for conjuring the phantom horse. As he is walking along, suddenly a blast of energy rips into him; he is so stunned that he reacts slowly and it hits him again. In desperation, he teleports home, finds Varende and tells his tale. He says they must wait til morning to go because he expended his last teleport getting himself here.

Meanwhile, Jack goes in and mollifies Marc. He gets them a place by the fire when he offers the supplies that they brought. They talk to the gate guards and find out only some half-orc trappers left yesterday and someone named John Doe today, but there has been little traffic in and out of town with the storms. The gates remain closed all the time right now. They inquire at a tavern by Westgate, and hear that Kel and Pelin have been in that day for lunch. They muse on the fact that the central portion of Caertan has a stone wall all the way around it, and that Eastgate and Westgate still stand allowing traffic into expansion areas to the east and west that are warded on the outer edge by only a timber wall.

Varende goes to get his information about the symbol. He discovers it is associated with a half-dragon demi-goddess named Talinoman that has strong ties to Necromancy. She has only Priestesses in her orders, but there has not been a rising of the Talinoman for many centuries. Varende asks for additional research and pays for five more days at two crowns per day.

Jack, Malperder and Banic spend the night by the fire keeping watch in turns against danger. It is hot and smelly in the cramped room.

1533.2.5 - Early morning
Come morning, Keddick scrys Jason. He sees him bound, gagged, and blind-folded. He looks beaten and bruised. Keddick teleports himself and Varende to his location. They untie the boy and hear noises so they dimension door outside. Keddick is shot with two crossbow bolts from a nearby rooftop and he teleports the three of them to the courtyard of The Welcome Guest. The bolts were poisoned and Keddick feels weak. Banic heals him. Marc is ecstatic to see Jason. He hugs him and seems to soften somewhat towards Keddick. It is decided to go to Magistrate Orin’s home to swear out a statement against the people. Jason describes the houses as those of Broad Street in Westgate. Varende stays at The Welcome Guest to guard Jason in case any ruffians come after them. Keddick and Jack take the dwarves to the Magistrate’s home and the humans are admitted. They speak to Orin and two guards are summoned to accompany them. They pick up Varende and head through Westgate and up Broad Street. They start knocking on doors and when answered ask Keddick “Is this him?” They finally get to one that looks more familiar. Varende spots a rope hanging off the house across the street and scales it. Keddick finds the place he thinks he bleed and finds some pinkish snow in the area after a little digging. He says this is it. Varende finds a flattened place of snow on the roof, but no sign of anyone. The guards pound on the door, wait, and then open it as Keddick hastes everyone. A fight ensues with Keddick being hit with more energy and getting called a “Filthy wizard!” by an older man from the second floor. Both Dorian and “Elder” have turned invisible throughout the fight, and eventually Elder escapes out the front door. His footprints go outside the door and then the tracks stop. Dorian, Kel and Pelin are unconscious. There are caltrops placed in two areas of the floor inside the house.

Keddick moves to search and question the unconscious people.

Perhaps two hours have passed since Keddick first teleported.

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