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Dragons Slain - Does anyone smell barbeque?

1532.8.16 - an hour before noon
Varende moves into the cave quietly and sees a humongous bear sleeping quietly with snuffs and snores. Jack sees the bear as well and motions for people to come in as Keddick passes him headed into a crevice at the back of the cave. Varende advises the group. Amelanril sneaks […]

Del Dismissed, Dragon Damaged, Amelanril Leads the Way


We sent a messanger to try to find the rest of our party, and with Kordis watching out for trouble, I returned the mirror to it’s full form and began my scry attempts. The dragon escaped me, as usual, so I turned over in my mind my options for dealing with Del. If the negotiations […]

Return to Lynx - Dragons and Del’s dilemma

Back in the safety of the grove, Aglandar welcomes Amelanril. Etania leads everyone away from the pool, but Varende lingers to speak with Aglandar. They discuss the bara-droy mark; Aglandar says he has no need of Varende now, but that he will call him when there is need. The bara-droy will burn, and Varende will […]

1532.8.8 - Attack on the Hill Giant Cave

The two badly injured hill giants retreat into the cave. People run at different speeds towards the cave. Invisible Keddick arrives first followed closely by Jack and then Varende. Kordis soon catches up as two giants come boiling out of the cave at Jack.  Keddick hastes the lions, Jack, Varende and himself. Jack and Varende […]

Training, Towns, Traveling thru Trees

Banic re-enters the tower, sells the fan and wand and comes out with boots. Malperder enters the tower and comes back out. Keddick tells everyone he will be tied up tomorrow, but he offers Varende the use of a phantom horse for the trip to Kinspa. Keddick summons the steed at the outskirts of town […]

Mid-autumn 1532 - Back to Lake Catherine

Varende, Kordis, Malperder and Banic’s timeline:
Prend’s boat takes 4 people down river leaving Jack with Keddick to ride to Thronshire, visit the Wizards’ Isles and then on to Lysoria after that. The Half-Elven captain arrives in Culdail late. While everyone sleeps peacefully in hammocks below deck, Captain Rhee informs Varende and Banic that he will […]

Journey out of the Mountains - Arrival in Lynx

Back in a rocky area with clumps of grass sprouting from patches of dirt and low scrub dotting the hillside, Del jumps off Keddick’s shoulder and flaps skyward. Del soars away slowly climbing. Within several minutes he is impossible to see against the blue sky above, a tiny spec in the autumn sky. Keddick feels […]

Leaving the Mountain - Glory to Glordar! Swear!

Banic in his undertunic and Malperder naked but carrying Giant Bane walk out of the temple just after sunrise. They walk across the bridge and down to the platform. Everyone buzzes with questions. Banic says “Mighty Moradin has brought Malperder back. There is much to the story, but I will save it for another time. […]

The Book at Last! Malperder falls…

After much discussion, Varende says he will search the crypt and lion rooms for hidden passages. He spends quite a bit of time, and he eventually discovers a two foot circle of stone on the wall opposite the lion doors that he thinks is a portal. He searches it intently for several minutes before placing […]

Work an hour, rest a day - What a life! Hey, I’m hungry…

1532.7.10 – Morning
Keddick reappears by the pedestal holding the book. Malperder and Kordis walk towards him while Varende searchs out Banic and Jack. Everyone meets up in the lion room. Keddick examines the book for auras and discovers none, but he see that the pedestal has an aura on it, and the body in the […]