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Escape from Caertan, Keddick is Risen, Defenders of Tairn

Play date: 7/7/09
Arch Magister Adrone addresses you all: “I will make a portal within the Temple to transport everyone  from here to the Temple of Andreja in Lysoria. It will take me some time to complete the portal, and then some time to move everyone through the portal to safety. Keep the giants from breaching […]

1533.2.5 to 1533.2.7 - The Fall of Caertan

Play dates: 6/23/09 & 6/30/09
1533.2.5 - Dusk
As the last of the sunlight fades, Keddick springs into action. He goes to Monwyn and demands a copy of the indictment against Dorian. Gregor seems sympathetic or at least not hostile, but Monwyn is angered and cast Detect Evil at Keddick. Keddick is outraged and says so but […]

1533.2.5 – What to do with the miscreants & News of a Giant Army!

Play date: June 16th, 2009 
1533.2.5 – What to do with the miscreants
While none of you would have access to this information, I don’t have any other way to convey this: Caertan is a small hilltop town that grew up around a small keep built on the hilltop. The small keep is still in the central […]

1533.2.3 to 1533.2.5 - Dorian in Caertan?!?

Play date: June 9th, 2009 
1533.2.3 – About 6 bells
Keddick surreptitiously teleports from a store room in Caertan to his room in The Lucky Silver. He heads right for The Long Road to find everyone. He relays a story of an associate of Dorian’s seen in The Welcome Guest. The man followed him and then drew […]

Keddick’s report from Caertan

I arrived in Caertan about 4 bells in the afternoon and went into the Inn. I talked to Marc the inn-keeper, he remembered me from the last time we were all there. Apparently the snow only extends a couple of miles beyond the city. I suspect sorcery of some description but couldn’t work out who […]

1533.1.11 to 1533.2.3 - Training, Malperder loses his sight, and a Formorian is felled

Play date: 6/2/09
Keddick converses with Attalus:
“Attalus, I’ll go over our findings in a minute. There is something else that I have not had a chance to discuss with you. A friend of Malperder was killed some time ago and my friends and I have been investigating for some time. We have a suspect, but we […]

Guardian of the Temple of the Old Gods — News from Caertan: Snows!

Play date: 5/26/2009
1533.1.9 - The Round Room - Guardian of the Temple of the Old Gods?
Keddick realizes he has no idea what spell was taking effect on him and presumably Malperder. After some deliberation and searching of the room, Malperder takes crowbar in hand and tries to pry at the base of the bier. He […]


Play date: 5-19-2009
With the last of the creatures dead, Varende reenters the cave and examines the door. He discovers that the ten foot wide iron doors have a tight seem down the middle. Four holes an inch in diameter enter the door at a downward angle. He starts searching the room and eventually comes […]

Scrying on Ithran, a new companion, and a ride north

Play date: 5/12/2009 
Keddick and Varende head to The Dwarven Camp in search of Banic to heal Keddick from the raw blast of energy that struck him in the street. Failing to find him there, they return to The Long Road and find Jack, Malperder and Banic drinking at a table. Keddick requests healing and Banic […]

Seeking Barnim’s Killer

Over the next couple of days, Varende joins the Adventurer’s Guild run by Kaln Hannon. He inquires after the dark-haried Elven featured woman who may have been involved in Barnim’s death. He believes Kaln is holding something back. On the 2nd, Jack fights in the first part of the light weapons competition. Malperder and Banic […]