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What Happened to Keddick - Return to the Cave in the North

1533.2.20 to 1533.3.1
Magister Adrone sent your companions off to Caertan. Meanwhile, he sent you to lead the way with High Priest Calum, Priestess Gwynneth, Right Hand Andre and Hand Cara to the cave in the north. You led them without incident through the stinking cave, through the doors, into the floor, along the hall, through […]

1533.2.20 - Killing Kohari

Play dates: 9/8/09 & 0/15/09
1533.2.20 to 1533.2.21
Water Elemental
Air Elemental
Jack falls below
Malperder falls below dropped by the elemental
Jack talks to a Hill Giant named Kern that eventually pledges himself to help the group if they will get him out of the hole. He tells that he fell in the pit while battling with the air elemental. […]

1533.2.20 - Below Caertan - The Great Hall of King Cormon

Play date: 9/1/09 
As everyone’s eyes adjust to the gloom below, the invisibility spell fades. The room is immense - over one hundred feet long and nearly half as wide. Two low daises, one atop the other, dominate one end of the room with a long table on the lower with 8 seated statues with dragon heads […]

1533.2.13 to 1533.2.20 - Cleaning out the Temple of Talinoman & Back in Caertan

Play date: August 25th, 2009
1533.2.13 – Cleaning out the Temple
Everyone is ready to get out, but Banic discovers the hole in the ceiling has been re-sealed. Everyone awaits Keddicks arrival. Meanwhile, the bodies of the four fighters are thoroughly searched. Six dead young women (teenagers perhaps) are found around the altar where Ithran’s body is. […]

1533.2.13 - Battle in the Old Temple

Play date: August 18th, 2009 
1533.2.13 – Late at Night in the Old Temple of Talinoman
With the ghouls dead, Serk and Malperder look to the chest. Serk tries to move it but can’t budge it. Serk hits it with his hammer a couple of times and a flash of light blinds him. He stumbles to the […]

1533.2.13 - Into the Old Temple of Talinoman

Play date: August 11th, 2009
1533.2.13 – near Dusk
As the jailer removes the first prisoner (looking quite well off after being healed by Banic subsequent to Serk beating him), the group talks for a moment before the next prisoner enters. He is also manacled to the table. He seems far more agreeable. Malperder starts questioning him […]

1533.2.12 to 2.13 - Flee! Flee! The Dead Walk Again! - Malperder saved! - Malverin Lost!

Play date: August 4th, 2009
1533.2.12 - In the Lair of the Cult - Sometime after Dark - “Flee!” 
An ogre zombie pounds at Banic. Banic five foot steps away attacking it with a bludgeoning weapon and then divine power; he hurt it but didn’t kill it. Everyone retreated up the stairs. Back at the statue of Malperder, […]

Malperder – Like a Rock! - in the lair of the Talinoman?

Play date: 7/28/09
1533.2.12 – dusk
Serk shoulders the door once, twice, thrice. Crash! Serk sees a woman 30 feet away through another open door across a small room. She chants and mist billows up between them. Serk rushes her, but half way there catches his foot on something on the floor and hears metallic clanks around […]

Order of Darius - Research on the Talinoman - Commissioned by Varendë

Prepared for Varendë Peltathar
Scholar, 3rd rank, Brek
The last uprising of the Sorceress Goddess of Death Talinoman occurred during Dapa in 1044. Five priestesses of the goddess were killed or captured. All refused to speak at all when questioned other than to say “Talinoman will consume you all and spit you back out as Her minions!” […]

Defenders of Tairn and the Malverin Woods

Play date: July 14th, 2009 
Adrone returns shortly after having disappeared with Jack. Each of the remaining five of you are brought one a time to the center of the room where a triangle of silvery metal is inscribed into the floor. You stand within the triangle while the Arch Magister, High Priest and King stand […]